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14 Ways To Make Money With Mobile Apps


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14 Ways To Make Money With Mobile Apps

Bewertung: 4.5 von 5 Sternen4.5/5 (2 Bewertungen)
Länge: 51 Seiten44 Minuten


Right now is the mobile apps gold rush. This book is for all those interested in making money from mobile apps. Armed with correct information to structure a winning business model you too will be able to make money from apps.  No technical jargon is used in this report. This makes it suitable for everyone be they technical or non-technical. 

What you will learn in this book: 
(1) 14 ways to make money with mobile apps, some of their pros and cons and what to implement to succeed with each. 
(2) Seven great sites that you can buy and sell app source code in. 
(3) Some of the do it yourself mobile app builders. 
(4) Useful resources that a mobile app business/developer should refer to all the time to get mobile app tips, ideas and marketing strategies that they can then implement in their mobile app business. 

Making money with mobile apps is a challenge. However, if you diversify your mobile apps monetization techniques then you increase your chances of making money. Learn the tips and tricks of mobile apps monetization from this ebook.

Additionally, if you all are already making money with apps, adding multiple streams of income will generate even more money for you. 

You can either implement one or a combination of the 14 ways described here. In my mobile apps business I implement a combination of these 14 ways. 

Whether you outsource the app development or develop the app yourself you can implement all or some of these 14 ways. 

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