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Retail Arbitrage 101

Retail Arbitrage 101

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Retail Arbitrage 101

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Nov 24, 2015


John Navarro is sharing the top secrets that the top Retail Arbitragers have been using for years to make money online.

If you are new to Retail Arbitrage or are looking for refresher course, Retail Arbitrage 101 is for you.

In Retail Arbitrage 101, you will learn the following:

What is Retail Arbitrage

How can you successfully build a business based off of Retail Arbitrage without knowing what it is? John Navarro lays out the foundation for exactly what Retail Arbitrage is and is not.

The History of Retail Arbitrage

You will learn how Retail Arbitrage is not a "new" thing, and how people have been making money with Retail Arbitrage for decades. You will see some of the greatest examples of Retail Arbitrage as well as common examples to help you get a stronger grasp of the concept and what it takes to spot an opportunity.

BEFORE THE STORE - How to maximize your Retail Arbitrage, before you even step foot in the store.

How to Identify Money Making Opportunities with Retail Arbitrage

Now that you understand the concept and history of Retail Arbitrage as well as have a basic grasp of how to spot a Retail Arbitrage; John Navarro begins showing you exactly how to Identify Money Making Opportunities with Retail Arbitrage.

How to Research Retail Arbitrage Opportunities

After you have identified a potential Retail Arbitrage, the next step is to back it up with research. John Navarro shows you the real techniques that the gurus do not share when it comes to identifying fully a Retail Arbitrage opportunity.

Retail Arbitrage Profitability Formula

You now know what Retail Arbitrage is fully, how to identify and research opportunities, it is time to run it through the final test. John Navarro shares the Retail Arbitrage Profitability Formula. This will help you know exactly what you need to do to come out on top as a Retail Arbitrager.

How to Sell Your Product Online

You have successfully performed your Retail Arbitrage and this where most of the gurus stop teaching, but John Navarro wants you to succeed with retail Arbitrage. You learn the best ways to list your product for sale online and how to get maximum saleability.

How to Engage Your Customers as well as Engaging Your Customers Automatically

You are selling your products online, and it is time to take it to the next level. John Navarro shows you how to engage your customers on a personal level as well as how to scale it and automate your communications.

Funneling Sales Off of the Marketplaces

As a Retail Arbitrager it is your duty to identify potentials to make profit. One of the biggest ways is to increase your bottom line by 10% to 15%, this is done by funneling your sales legitimately off of the marketplaces and directly to you.

How to Build Your Own E-commerce Store (Step by Step from the Beginning to the End, with Pictures Included)

You are ready for your last step, building your own E-commerce stores. Most of the gurus themselves do not know how to utilize this, and John Navarro shows you the whole process from selecting a domain name, hosting, and building your own store online. STEP BY STEP with pictures included, you cannot fail with this guide.

50 Places to Perform a Retail Arbitrage at RIGHT NOW!

You are ready to put all of your knowledge into practice, but you still need a push in the right direction. John Navarro shares his top secret 50 list of places that you can go to TODAY to perform a Retail Arbitrage for profit. You can utilize this list, make a route, and begin your Retail Arbitrage business today!

Most of the other guides out there are vague and off topic, with Retail Arbitrage 101, you learn everything you need to know to become a successful Retail Arbitrager.

Nov 24, 2015

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Retail Arbitrage 101 - John Navarro


What is Retail Arbitrage?

Retail Arbitrage is the process of buying something at a lower price point to instantly resell it at a higher price point.

Obviously, with Retail Arbitrage the arbitrage part of it is not as instantaneous as one who has traded in the markets might mistake that part of the term for.

While a perfect Retail Arbitrage can be quick and easy, this is not a get rich-quick scheme; it takes hard work and dedication to build an online business and in Retail Arbitrage 101, you are going to learn everything you need to survive and thrive on the internet.

You are going to learn some of the top secrets that the gurus who teach Retail Arbitrage do not share! Notice, that you are only taught one end of the spectrum, either Amazon or Ebay, here you will learn the foundations to sell on both marketplaces.

The best in the business follow the trends and capitalize off of them.

Also included as a bonus at the end of the book is the Retail Arbitrage list; this list contains places you can go right now and utilize Retail Arbitrage!

Positioning Your Retail Arbitrage for Maximum Profitability

This step is one of the most coveted secrets in the Retail Arbitrage community. I have never seen this information shared anywhere else. It is how the top Retail Arbitragers are able to buy items at higher prices and still resell them below their competition. This trick is known as stacking savings.

If you want to stack savings, it starts before you even go to the store. Research your Retail Arbitrage route or stores you plan to visit and check online for any coupons that you can use. Coupons go a long way in Retail Arbitrage, and it makes a huge difference when your competitor is buying the same item you are, but you have a 25% off coupon for it.

That puts you in a better position to profit and be more competitive in the very beginning. You do not have to worry about differentiating yourself from the competitor, because you have the superior price. They are forced with the task of differentiating themselves from you! The best thing is that if you are in a niche selling an item with little to no competition any additional savings at the register is like money in your pocket! Some stores give out coupons for up to 40% off; these coupons are often times good on clearance or heavily marked down items! Not all of these coupons are advertised and it pays to do your research before you go to the store or online to purchase! Even an extra 5% is 5% more in your pocket instantly!

The next step is to utilize a cash-back card. PayPal offers a debit card with Cashback and this is a great way for you to utilize an extra percent on all purchases without having to

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