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All That Glitters: Adam Kaminski Mystery Series, #3


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All That Glitters: Adam Kaminski Mystery Series, #3

Länge: 297 Seiten4 Stunden


A murder on hallowed ground forces a Philadelphia police detective to break all the rules to prove his sister's innocence.

Back on regular duty in the Philadelphia Police Department's Sixth District, Detective Adam Kaminski expects to deal with murder. But not when his sister is one of the suspects. Taken off the case, Adam must rely on his partner Pete to keep him in the loop as Pete and Park Ranger Matt Thompson investigate the murder of a federal judge whose beaten body was found in Washington Square. Sitting the case out isn't an option Adam can live with. He's willing to risk his career to prove his sister's innocence and find the truth. But he isn't prepared for the depth of evil he uncovers beneath the web of lies that hides the murderer.

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