Our Jungle Road To Tokyo [Illustrated Edition]


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Our Jungle Road To Tokyo [Illustrated Edition]

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Includes over 250 illustrations, maps and charts of the fighting in Buna, New Guinea and the Philippines.

This is story of General Robert L. Eichelberger, the tough, hard-bitten commander of the US I Corps in the Pacific and then the US Eighth Army. Given the responsibility for the critical Buna front in 1942 by General MacArthur with the words “Bob, I want you to take Buna, or not come back alive”. Under his energetic and dynamic leadership much of New Guinea was retaken and thereafter most of the southern Philippines was liberated. With victory assured, General Eichelberger was given command of American and Allied forces in the Japanese Home Islands. His story provides a rare look at the strategy of General MacArthur, the problems of inter-Allied and inter-service cooperation and the decision making process of America’s high command in World War II.

A fine autobiography of one of the heroes of the Pacific War.
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