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Corsairs To Panthers: U.S. Marine Aviation In Korea [Illustrated Edition]


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Corsairs To Panthers: U.S. Marine Aviation In Korea [Illustrated Edition]

Länge: 174 Seiten1 Stunde


Includes over 30 photos, maps and plans.

The first major surprise of the post-World War II years came into play when in late June 1950, the United States found itself responding in crisis fashion to the North Korean invasion of the new republic of South Korea, just four years and nine months after VJ-Day. The nation became involved in Korea as a result of the Cairo and Yalta conferences in which the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to the concept of a free and independent post-war Korea.

This is the story of the Marines who took to the sky above Korea, fulfilling many different missions including interdiction, night interception, close air support and tank busting. This memorial volume, richly illustrated, is a fitting monument to their courage and service.
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