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The Dreamers and the Panitents

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The Dreamers and the Penitents is a collection of ten stories whose action takes place in contemporary times. However, the world presented has a duplicitous face, bleak and unknown to most. How can you know that a man you just walked past in a store or on the pedestrian crossing isn’t the one who had invented a time machine and is now planning to go back in time to change humanity’s fate? Or maybe a boy running across from you with a baseball cap rakishly askew isn’t someone completely different than he appears to be? Maybe he hides a terrible secret?

The newest book by Krzysztof Spadlo is a must-read for fans of the paranormal, horror and science-fiction stories.

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Krzysztof Spadło

Krótka notka o autorze... z takim zagadnieniem zawsze mam problem. To zdanie poniżej najbardziej mnie charakteryzuje:
Krzysztof Spadło - łowca wrażeń i kolekcjoner miłych wspomnień, któremu pisanie sprawia frajdę.

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