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Mum, I Think It’s Time


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Mum, I Think It’s Time

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One of the hardest things that children of elderly parents have to do is to recognize the early signs when our parents can no longer live on their own. It can be a very frustrating and difficult moment when we first realize this. Yet, it is very necessary to come to terms with what is really happening and something that each person will have to go through if she has an older parent.

There are many early signs of when a parents needs to go into a retirement facility. Most of these signs are pretty clear for outsiders but not so clear perhaps for family members who are too close to their parents. Sometimes we are not objective enough to accurately determine when a parent needs to have more care than she has now. And sometimes this decision can be multi-faceted and emotionally complex. In this e-book, I go through this process in detail.

First, the immediate family must decide whether Mum or Dad needs to go into a retirement home. This can take a lot of compassionate conversations and commiserating. Many siblings do not live close to the parent. Most siblings move far away, making it difficult to always communicate openly with the parents. Some siblings don’t see parents often and they may not even realize how bad a parent is doing. But when it comes to moving a parent out of his/her own home, this can bring out the worse other family members who live far away.

In this book, I dispel some of these difficulties and offer information on how to handle such a difficult time of transition for both the parents and the siblings. I offer a lot of information for children of aged parents and how to choose a retirement home that is just right for the parent. And I offer advice on how children can ease the transition for their parents, assuming of course that they agree to go into a retirement home.

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