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A Big Bank Problem

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Alex Jones was checking his debit and credit cards on his computer. Suddenly he noticed that someone had been taken out from my credit card last Tuesday. The sum of two hundred dollars had been removed. "Who the fuck have been using my credit card." I thought as I knew that I hadn't used my card for over two weeks. However, when I went down the numbers, I noticed that three hundred had been put back on Thursday, the same week. I went down to the bank and signed myself in. When it was my turn I explained that someone in the bank had been using my credit card. A young man, Mr. Lind said with a smile. "What's the trouble? You made a profit on the deal." I instantly asked to see the bank manager. The manager looked at the card and checked his computer. "Who told you to forget the incident?" "The young man over there," I answered and looked, but he wasn't there anymore. The bank-manager asked at the next table, "where is Lind?" "He said he had to pick up something from his car, and left," she said and pointed at the door. Coming out and looking for Lind's red VW, it was gone from the parking area. "I have to contact the head office and the police," said the manager. "Can I go home?" I asked. "Yes, we have your phone number and your address.'
Coming home, I saw Lind standing by a tree close to my parking space. When I went up to him, a shot rang out, and Lind fell to the ground. When I turned around, I saw a blond tall woman driving an old Chevy pick-up truck driving away. Calling the police, I waited for a good five minutes, and two cruisers arrived. One of the men, Detective Ralph Laurence asked me what had happened. I had to tell him about my credit card, and that I had spoken to the bank manager. They took Lind to the hospital, and I together with the detective went to the bank. When he parked his car, I saw the old pickup truck from where the woman had shot Lind. Telling Laurence about the old pick-up truck, started the entire stake-out and the closure of the criminals that had worked the scheme at the bank.

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