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Wild Dakota: A Cowboy Romance

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Wild Dakota: A Cowboy Romance

Sarah is a true cowgirl. She’s also a woman who had her heart broken by the one man she thought would love her forever. Mason was everything she wanted, but he left her when she was most vulnerable, and she has been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.

When she runs out of gas one day, a gorgeous cowboy named Austin swoops in and rescues her. Soon after, she is pulled over on the side of the road crying, and the cowboy saves her again. Austin persuades her to go out with him and the night finds her enjoying life again, in ways she never thought possible. Mason keeps creeping into her mind, but Austin does a great job of making her feel safe.

However, when she wakes up before Austin the next day and looks around his house, she is shocked to find a surprising picture on his wall. It turns out both of them have their secrets, and it's anybody's guess whose will be revealed first…

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