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Bite: Blood Martyr, #2

231 pages3 hours


Hell hate no fury like a scorned vampiress, as I'm about to find out...

My name is Tanith Quinn and I'm a five hundred year old vampire, trying to live every night to the fullest. I might have cheated Death, but he's always one step behind me, ready to take me into his cold embrace. 

I've been lucky so far, but no one's lucky forever. 

Female vampiric business owners are dropping like flies in a snowstorm and the Arcadian Council are in town to find out who's killing them. As the owner of one of the hottest clubs in the city, you'd think I'd be worried about being a target. 


Instead, I'm framed as the killer and the only thing I can do to escape execution by the Council is to find the murderer myself. 

Partnered with an old enemy who'd like nothing more than to see me dead, I must clear my name before any more vampires die. 

Because the next head to roll just might be mine.

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