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The Other Island, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book Three

333 pages4 hours


Sometimes, things are not as they seem. Sometimes, they're even worse.

Fourteen year old Morgan Koda may hold the Four Elements of Earth in the palm of her hand. But a little thunder storm might be her undoing.

The island of Edenwiess is under attack from what seems to be a simple storm. However, lighting is striking repeatedly at the same location — over the vast volcano. Those who are observing, realize this is no typical storm. Something evil is at work.

In order to save the magical world she loves, Morgan and her friends, Tristan, Rex, and Raine return to the Island after their school has been evacuated. Not only will she place her life in peril, but those of her friends as well.

Morgan Koda will go beyond the limits of her magic to discover the one responsible for the attack.

The result will leave her feeling betrayed.

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