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The Compassionate World


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The Compassionate World

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This book has something for everybody.

If you are a sociologist, you may like the new addition of Human Energy to secular humanism. If you are a civil engineer, you may like the new designs that complement Earth. If you are a physicist, you may really enjoy the explanation of how the human concept was developed 13.5 billion years ago in the Big Bang flashback of creation. If you are a biologist, you will definitely cherish how natural selection is actually achieved. If you are a politician, a human involved with standard religion or a money manager, you won’t like this book very much at all.

For the human species to survive, and we will. We must transform our two major manipulations to human consciousness – Money and Religion. A well-thought-out system is fully presented that details the adjustments to every social structure, so that powerful humans can no longer damage another human mind into negative states of existence.

Where other teachers remind us of how we are all connected as one big Soul, with the common language that the internal space is the foundation to seek if one wants external peace. I go deeper into the actual creation of human consciousness and its complete evolution to the advanced human genes that will light our Earth and dilutes the fake light exploding from the sun. Everybody knows we are all connected as one; most can feel that. This book explains the final realm of that connection. That place is called Heaven.

The human species with a Light Soul, is a game plan invented eons ago. The stage right before heaven is very close at hand. It is called The Compassionate World. Here is how we build it.

My Best Wishes Always! Karl Gary

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