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Fairies in Winter - A Short E Phonics Book

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Nell, one of the tiny fairies who live in Happy Valley, decides to make a sled from a piece of bark. When she is finished, she climbs aboard ready to go. The other fairies hop on too and down the steep hill they go. Join them for fun in the snow in this short E phonics book. Colorful pictures entertain young readers. This book, like all our phonics books, has a Look, Listen, and Think page after the story which helps children think about what they just read. There are 3 activity pages, as well, for young readers to enjoy. And don’t forget to look for Filigree Frog on every page. Filigree has her own book: Frogs, Flakes, and Flowers. In her book, she decides to stay awake all winter to see what that is like. Come join other children around the world as they use our Phonics Series and other fun story books to reinforce their reading skills. Find them on this and other internet sites...and keep coming back. We are-Creating A Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere.

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