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The Great Cookie Contest - You Write the Story Book 3

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The Great Cookie contest is Book 3 in a series created so that young authors can practice using a set of related illustrations to write their own story. Filled with colorful pictures, the book encourages young writers to make up a tale of fun and adventure. The story begins when when one of the characters brings in the County Fair poster which announces a Cookie Contest. The characters all cooperate to make a variety of cookies and then go off to the Fair. There is a fun activity at the end and questions as well, which help the writer focus on elements of creating a story, encouraging further exploration. Come join other children around the world as they use our books to reinforce Language Arts skills. We also create phonics books, alphabet focused books, and general story books, all of which emphasize caring and sharing and positive aspects of living. Find our books on this and other internet sites. We are-Creating A Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere.

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