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Rhonda’s Roundup – R Focused Story

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Rhymin’ Rhonda is the librarian at the Read Along Ranch Library. She decides she wants to learn to rope and
ride like all of the cowpokes at the Ranch. Ropin’ Ralph agrees to teach her in this letter focused “R” book. They head out for a great round-up of..... ostriches! Ride the mesas and canyons with Rhonda and the gang... lots of “R” words to help young readers with that sound. A number of years ago, a little boy in my granddaughter’s first grade class took possession of the small, paperback version of this book and learned to read. The teacher
said that he had been having trouble prior to finding the book.... maybe your young reader will enjoy this story that much too. Check out our many other stories on this and other internet sites. Just search Chris Morningforest.

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