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Apocalypse 101 (For Catholics, Scoffers, and the Utterly Clueless)

Apocalypse 101 (For Catholics, Scoffers, and the Utterly Clueless)

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Apocalypse 101 (For Catholics, Scoffers, and the Utterly Clueless)

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Apr 26, 2016


Are you wondering why the world seems to be hurdling out of control? Why global warming, storms, earthquakes, wars, famines, disasters all seem to be happening more frequently and with greater intensity?

Add to all of that, the doomsday prophecies like Dec. 21, 2012, or the prophecies of Nostradamus, you've got a recipe for major heartburn if not a total nervous breakdown.

Well the bad news is, it's going to get worse (much worse) before it gets better. The good news is, if you know what's going to happen and why, you can position yourself to come out on top.

This is literally a matter of life and death (eternal life and death). This book will step you through the reasons why things are happening the way they are in the world, what's yet to come, and what you need to do to save yourself and your loved ones.

Catholics, this is going to rock your world!

Scoffers, you won't be so sure of your beliefs when you're done with this book.

Utterly clueless, PAY ATTENTION! You might just learn something for once.

All, we'll have some fun going through this amazing and exciting stuff, and you'll be ready for it!
Apr 26, 2016

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Apocalypse 101 (For Catholics, Scoffers, and the Utterly Clueless) - David Beckish



I’ve chosen to write about this subject in a light-hearted manner, not because this isn’t a serious matter, but because I believe this style of writing makes learning enjoyable.

This topic is very serious in nature. It truly is a matter of eternal life or death; eternal salvation or damnation. How you approach the remaining days of your life will determine your eternal destiny.

The worst things imaginable, in the whole history of humanity, are soon going to take place. Surprisingly enough, these events will ultimately lead to the greatest moment in the history of humanity. This is how God works. He allows and uses the negative things of this world to bring about a greater good.

God is about to shake up the people of this world to get their attention; to finally make a choice for Him through Jesus Christ, or for themselves. This book will give you an overview of what’s going to happen, why it’s going to happen, and the choices that must be made by everyone.

When you’re done with this book, the only question that will remain is, What direction will I choose?

Finally, if you’re the type of person who likes to jump to the end, or skim read a book, this book isn’t for you. This book logically steps you through all of the information needed to understand what’s soon going to happen to our world and why. Without it, what’s going to happen won’t make any sense and will only lead to fear or denial, either of which will not prepare you, or bring you peace of mind.

Are you ready?


Before we get started, I want to give you a little background on me, and why I wanted to write this book.

At the time I was writing this book, I had been a Roman Catholic for over forty two years. I was raised by two loving parents, in a large family, in a small country town in Pennsylvania. Kinda’ like a catholic version of the Waltons.

During my upbringing, I belonged to a small church less than a mile from my family home. It was in this parish where I learned about my faith through participation in the mass and the catholic catechism. I was fortunate to have loving, holy people as mentors and teachers during my formation as a catholic. In an age where we hear about young people having been harmed by people of the cloth, I experienced just the opposite. Both of the priests who served our parish during my adolescence were outstanding men of God, who served Him well by the sacrifices they made in their lives to tend to His sheep.

As I entered into early adulthood, I was once again lucky to have two Jesuit priests as teachers while in college, and one as a dear family friend. Again, all of these men were holy, loving servants of God.

It was one of these Jesuit priests that planted a special seed within my mind that would ultimately lead to the writing of this book. That seed was the concept that one day we will all question our existence. What’s it all about? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Is there anything more to this short time we experience in this life?

Fast forward almost twenty years, and just as predicted by the Jesuit priest, I began to feel uneasy in my life. There were things that I constantly struggled, never feeling like I was gaining any progress.

I also began to have uneasy feelings about the direction the world appeared to be heading, and this uneasy feeling had me concerned about my own short existence in this world.

Not having any real answers to draw from in my education or other life experiences, I started to turn to other avenues, trying to understand what was happening, what I could do to be prepared, and hopefully how to avoid it all together. These other avenues were the likes of Nostradamus, Mayan Prophecies (Dec. 21, 2012), and other secular soothsayers / prophets. After a couple of years of intense study, I had myself at a point where I couldn’t sleep at night. I would stay up for hours at a time worrying about when the end was going to come, and what if anything I could do to allow myself and my family to survive as long as possible. Apocalyptic imagery and uncertainty was weighing heavily on my mind.

Out of the blue, I began to stumble on some television programming pertaining to Bible prophecy and eschatology (study of end things). I was instantly drawn to it because of its focus on end time events, and how current history appeared to be fitting into the prophetic scenario. Time after time, prophecies that were written down in the Bible thousands of years ago were shown to be accurately fulfilled. I began to see that the Bible was God’s way of communicating his plan of salvation to mankind, and prophecy was being used not only for the controlled and timed revelation of the parts of his plan, but just as important, to demonstrate his word is true!

Throughout this process I also started to answer those questions raised by the Jesuit priest that I mentioned earlier. I began to understand the purpose of my life, and that this short worldly existence plays a critical role for everyone’s eternal life.

Bible prophecy not only opened my eyes to the truth of God’s word, but it led me in a direction where I was able to gain a deeper understanding of his plan of salvation for all mankind, and most importantly, my personal relationship with him. That was something I had not experienced prior to this journey, and it brought peace to my life.

I’m not sure why I didn’t already know this from my formation as a Christian through the Catholic Church. Perhaps I just didn’t pay enough attention, even with over 30 years attending weekly mass, 10 years as an altar boy, a four year degree from a Jesuit University, and having been raised by wonderful catholic parents. Or perhaps, the real reason is that we are all called at some point in our life to choose Jesus or not, and maybe that calling comes at a different time for each one of us. (Maybe it’s your time.)

Well anyway, here we are. I’m hoping this book will pique some interest in Bible prophecy for you. I’m hoping it will raise your awareness of what may occur very soon, and prepare you to make the right choices. I’m hoping it will lead you to question where you are in your own life. Am I where I need to be?

Finally, even though end time Bible prophecies describe the most horrific events that will ever be witnessed by mankind, and warn us that we are rapidly approaching these events, they also show us that the best is yet to come!

All right! Here we go!!!

Chapter 1: What apocalypse isn’t???

Which of the following answers best describes the meaning of apocalypse?

A. A horrible war with unimaginable consequences.

B. A frightening, heart stopping event.

C. The end of the world.

D. All of the above.

E. None of the above.

If you chose E, you’re correct! Now don’t lie. Most people would have chosen an answer between A and D. It’s not your fault if you did. Our society, through movies, books, and other media, has associated the word apocalypse with horrible events usually involving war, famine, plagues, wrath of God, and a myriad of other world ending, cataclysmic events.

The truth is apocalypse comes from the Greek word apokalypsis which means revelation. Well if apocalypse means to reveal something, what’s being revealed, who’s revealing it, why is it being revealed, how’s it going to be revealed, where will it be revealed, and when will it happen?

If you’re Catholic, and more than a C&E (Christmas and Easter) Catholic, you should be at least familiar with the last book in the Bible called The Apocalypse of St. John the Divine. For you Protestants, it would be called Revelation. This book is the revelation of Jesus Christ, which was given to Jesus by God to show his servants what was soon going to take place before his second coming, when he returns to set up his kingdom on Earth. This revelation was shown to St. John the Divine (or St. John of Patmos) so that he could document it and share it not only with the early churches, but with you and me, and all those of the last generation.

This revelation consists of several parts. The first is the explanation for the revelation. The second are letters to seven churches during the time this revelation was given. The third part is the judgments that would soon be unleashed on the un-repenting inhabitants of the Earth prior to the return of Jesus. The fourth is a description of all the players, both good and bad during these times. It also describes the events that will lead up to the final battle, and the return of Jesus Christ to set up his kingdom on earth. The final part deals with the renewal or restoration of all things.

In later chapters of this book, we will get into details of the Book of Revelation or The Apocalypse, but first we need to understand what this is all about.

Chapter 2: At last! The meaning of life is..

Scores of books have been written on this subject. Every day, many people seek out the help of psychiatrists, religious gurus, meditation rituals, New Age dogma, charismatic talk show hosts, and a whole host of unsatisfying methods and explanations trying to determine What’s life all about? or Why do I exist?. Monty Python even did a movie on it called The Meaning of Life which ultimately left you without a clue about what the meaning of life is, but did keep you laughing with their trademarked irreverent humor.

The fact of the matter is that the meaning of life couldn’t be any easier to understand. God, the creator of everything, the one who has always existed, the one who has named every star, the one who has counted every hair on your head, has created us to love and to be known and loved by us.

Before we go any further, what do we look for in a person that we want as a friend or someone to love? We want someone with whom to share our thoughts, feelings, joys, dreams, or basically our inner selves. We want someone to reveal ourselves to. We also want to know them in the same manner.

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