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15 Minute Marriage

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As relaxed views about marriage evolve the question, "Is marriage designed to last forever?" begs to be answered. Marriage can last a lifetime or be nothing more than a 15 minute plight.

A living breathing organism, marriage must be nurtured. But an enemy has come to kill marriage. It is divorce. A living death, divorce destroys marriage.

Regardless of the pain and heartache, that comes with divorce, more and more couples are contemplating it or opting out of marriage altogether. But is this God's plan?"

An insightful discussion of God's perspective on love, marriage, divorce and relationships is shared through the practical precepts in "15 Minute Marriage". This simplistic guide will help those seeking marriage and relationship to:

* Identify "the one" God has created for them to marry
* Embrace God's ideal solution when preparing for marriage
* Understand the attributes needed to maintain healthy marriages and relationships
* Overcome the setbacks that lead to stumbling blocks in marriage
* Identify and avoid attacks that come against marriage relationships
* Cultivate and nurture marriage relationships

Sound, creative and informative "15 Minute Marriage" is based on testimonials and triumphs of those who have survived the impact of divorce and the difficulties of relationships. Sincere and honest "15 Minute Marriage" provides a message that inspires readers to overcome the challenges, fight the battles and achieve the victory in their marriages and relationships.

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