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Innovation Diamond


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Innovation Diamond

Länge: 79 Seiten36 Minuten


Innovation is just 4&1/2 steps away!

Would you like to:
* solve problems
* exploit opportunities
* create new ideas, and
* innovate?

Do you need to lead a team, organisation or yourself to be more innovative?

This book is a diamond - an Innovation Diamond. In 4.5 steps it will help you, your team and your organisation:
* streamline your processes
* invent whole new products
* find new ways to market
* overcome long-standing challenges
* succeed
* grow
* enjoy the creative process

Cris Popp has been teaching innovation and leading innovation efforts since 2004. He's run hundreds of innovation workshops, and worked with dozens of organisations to develop their innovation strategy..
His workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches are highly acclaimed.
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