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Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies


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Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies

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Everything you always wanted to know about Olympic rituals and ceremonies but were too afraid to ask. Untold stories of Olympic intrigue and chicanery woven with secrets and behind-the-scene buzz of how these multimillion-dollar spectacles are put together. It's a privileged, sneak peek into the guarded, secretive world of the making of Olympic ceremonies including:

* Full histories of the various torch relays through the years
* How they lit the cauldronsâ from Moscow to Sydney to Beijing
* Who was first with certain stunts and the production concepts you never saw
* More than 150 images--many never-before-published photos and schematics--of Summer and Winter Olympic ceremonies...
make SECRETS the definitive, comprehensive volume on the subject.

Written by someone who's worked with at least two Olympic Games and has watched almost every Olympic ceremony since 1968. Make this your indispensible guide to the magic, wonder and spectacle of the XXXth Olympic Games which open in London on 27 July 2012.
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