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Zombie Wasteland

364 pages7 hours


The living world is being overrun by the dead, and the dead, they are winning. It's been two years since the first zombie rose. No one has been able to find a cure or vaccine for the virus. Humanity is about to fall. Darius has grown into a responsible and sullen young man. Angry at the world, he fights the urge to search for his missing sister, only so he can protect those he has left. Every day he depends on the generosity of Dr. Harvey Blackwater, and in they end they both have a choice to make. What is a human life worth now that zombies rule. Darius may lose everything to find out. Marcus is trying to build his army, but is thwarted at every turn by a girl he though had become an ally. What Marcus doesn't realize is that he is only human, and the dead, they don't work for the living. The zombies are winning, and it's only a matter of time before humanity collapses. Zombie wasteland, where you are only wanted for your brain.

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