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Message from the Space Probe

Message from the Space Probe

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Message from the Space Probe

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Apr 25, 2016


"Message from the Space Probe", a very good book about the adventures through Universe. The N formation of multi-role military shuttles of the society's number five Group, with Tudor, Gabriel, Luca and Victor, pilots of the society, (a society which is basis on rights and freedom) received the mission to bring back data from a space probe of Medava Corporation. On the space probe, Gabriel, a member of N formation, found a message which is very important for the human species. The members of the N formation will travel through Universe to find the secret from the message. After several attempts and space adventures in which they fight with robots, with the outside environment and other threats, they manage to find out the secret of the space probe. They become heroes of the society.
In this eBook there are a few theories about the space travel, human species, the beauty of our spirit, life and so on, all in a beautiful story.

Apr 25, 2016

Über den Autor

My name is Savu Ioan Constantin and I was born in 1973 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.I've loved reading since I was little, especially children's books, historic and adventure stories, and police novels. My first project was a police book, written in high school, in a notebook. I never published it, although I did show it to some of my classmates who had nice things to say about it. After some years, other projects followed, including "Locul de pornire" (The Starting Place), a novel for teens and young people, which I donated in unexpected circumstances and "Romira II B", my first Science-Fiction project, which was also finished in unexpected circumstances, but was never published. Next was the "Sioras4 - Recunoasterea" (Sioras4 - The Recognition) project, which was published in Romanian as a printed edition in December 2009. This book was also translated into English, in electronic format. After "Sioras4 - Recunoaşterea" there was another good book, "Mesaj de pe sonda spaţială" (Message from the Probe), published in Romanian as a printed edition in December 2012. I've also published a work on lease contracts and "Joan and Her Friends", in English, a series of short educational stories for kids, as well as the work "Comunicarea interpersonala" (Interpersonal Communication), in an electronic format.As far as education goes, I have a bachelor's degree in Juridical Sciences and I have graduated post-universitary psychopedagogy, history (second bachelor's degree), economics and management courses. I also have master's degree in economics and management. I've worked mainly as a teacher, civil servant and legal advisor. Currently I'm a middle and high school teacher, teaching socio-human sciences, history and economic and I'm getting ready to start other books, novels as well as works in areas such as law, psychology and psychopedagogy. I live in Romania. I hope that my books will be well-liked in English as well and maybe I'll have the chance to visit some beautiful places around the world.

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Message from the Space Probe - Savu Ioan-Constantin

Message from the Space Probe


Savu Ioan Constantin

Message from the Space Probe – Copyright © 2016, English eBook version by Savu Ioan Constantin. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, pictures or any portion thereof, in any form whatsoever, in law conditions, without written permission of the author. The buyer can make a few and short excerpts, in educational purpose only. For example: A rich planet in all sorts of metal ores so necessary for the society on Earth, but also for industry and agriculture. - from eBook Message from the Space Probe by Savu Ioan Constantin.

This is the English translated version of the book Mesaj de pe sonda spatiala. The original book was first published in Romanian with the ISBN 978-973-0-13912-9 in December 2012, Copyright © 2012, Savu Ioan Constantin, print edition.

Published by Savu Ioan Constantin




Chapter I.

Chapter II.

Chapter III.

Chapter IV.

Chapter V.

Chapter I.

Sioras4, planet of the first category, located near Ersaraphor 1 star. Colonized by people with all the rights and liberties recognized by the society from Terra. The number of the inhabitants has been growing ever since planet Sioras4 was officially recognized by the society. Many people have come here from Earth to live around former outcasts, around their loved ones, or, they have just simply decided to move on Sioras4 and agree to conform to the rules and laws from this planet.

A rich planet in all sorts of metal ores so necessary for the society on Earth, but also for industry and agriculture. The metal ores were the main goods, the main raw materials which the corporations carried from Sioras4 and Corcas on Earth. The fear that Sioras4 would become a place exclusive for greedy corporations never became a reality. Sioras4 never gave up its rules and continued to supervise with an iron fist each contract, so as to avoid monopoly of a certain corporation or another. Sioras4 enforced strict rules concerning the trade with metals ores and especially those ores made up of more compounds, the special ores, a mixture of more elements ready made by nature. Whenever such on element was discovered and present science could not classify it but still determine its composition at least 70%, then the element would become highly expensive and even inaccessible to some corporation. Precisely for this reason, the society stepped in and took those discoveries under its subordination, through its leading bodies, even if, materially speaking, the discoveries were left to the organization or to the corporation that had made them.

The substantive laws stepped in and they obliged the organizations or the corporations to offer all the data about the already made discovery and to submit to some restrictions precisely to avoid some imbalances within the society. From these metals or elements important components were made, components required by the civil and by the military industry.

Sioras4 adapted these restrictive laws, and, regulating through a limited demand and supply the quantity that could be traded with the corporation from Terra, made certain benefits possible for its own corporation. This way, the corporations that were trading the metals on Terra were relatively content because each of them benefited from an approximate equal quantity every year. Some corporations classified the metal ores into two categories: the iron ores and the other were called special metal ores. Regardless of their category all these were recognized and under the substantive laws of the society. As far as the iron ore is concerned, this was found in a relatively pure state on the planets the people knew and explored, that is Sioras4 and Corcas. Even if the Earth also possessed iron ores, a large quantity of them had already been exploited in some areas and in others the rock quantity was larger than the ore itself; all these made the iron exploitation more expensive.

Sioras4 greatly developed after the battle for Zero Station. With this occasion, the small society based on compulsory relations was officially recognized and some data showed that, in the future, Sioras4 would appropriate some rights and liberties from Earth society. The development of the community from Sioras4 was largely based on trade with special metals ores but also on the planet's particularities.

An important objective to accomplish was that of adapting different forms of plants to the particularities of the soil and environment from Sioras4.

Biologists, foresters and botanists succeeded, throughout successive combinations, to adapt different shrubs and bushes brought from the Earth to the soil and atmosphere from Sioras4, with the purpose of maintaining and developing the air quality in the accessible area of the planet. Still, the local population relied firstly on the natural forms of vegetation the new comers had found. It was a vegetation of shrubs and bushes a little bit taller than on Earth, not very widely spread and with no high rate of breeding. This was the main difficulty the researchers faced here. Researches made in the domain led to remarkable discoveries that made the vegetation grow and contributed to the improvement of air quality in the friendly area of the planet, particularly in the accessible and inhabited parts.

In his own way, Skinny also contributed to the metals' trade and to the researches. Apart from the knowledge he had already possessed, he had to learn many other things to give a helping hand to the development of the society he was living in. He made a new life for himself together with Anna, he worked and took pleasure in the result of his work. Most of the times he had a clear conscience, although there were a few recurring moments he couldn't avoid, when he still thought about the fact that he played a part in taking a life. Despite the unavoidable sadness of such moments, he managed to get over them much easier now. The time, the restrictions, being busy with work and seeing results, the love shown by Anna and by her daughter, the friends that he made, the conversations he had, the responsabilities he took and that were given to him by the mayor from Sioras4, Adam, all these made Skinny an important person and highly contributed to the abatement of his guilt.

Sioras4 greatly developed. The streets were widened, the access and protection tunnels were broadened.

As far as the houses are concerned, they were enlarged and, in some cases, two dwellings, that were next to each other were changed into a bigger and more comfortable one. Most of all the buildings were enlarged, the facilities and the green spaces as well. Just like on Terra, the small town Sioras4, identically named with the planet, became a larger city that allowed both new comers and old inhabitants to build their houses in the outskirts, in small human communities, extensions of the city. Sioras4 didn't have many cities, just one with its suburbs. This was the best administrative possibility precisely because of the environmental conditions of the planet. This administrative – territorial unit was divided in districts that followed primary organizational forms, north and south. Generally, Sioras4 looked just like a city from Terra, with buildings, green spaces, shops, such things, but all adapted to the particular condition of the planet. The law system, the rules of behaviour highly relied on compulsory relations and not on human rights and liberties. The latter only derived from the former. On Terra, the legal system and the rules of behaviour were largely based on the human rights and liberties and their free and absolute exertion made the compulsion, the constraints secondary and known but they written in codes of law. Therefore, if Sioras4 limited the right to do or not to do something, limited the expansion towards the south and put the common interest above the personal one in case of maximum importance related to the human survival on this planet, on Terra there were rules that banned any interference with the people's rights and liberties.

For example, the right to communication had different meanings. On Terra it was highly recognized and guaranteed for many reasons, some of them being related to its own existence, that is, any natural, biological human being was allowed to express itself through speech, that is verbally, or through signs. Nobody was allowed to limit this right through his actions because generally speaking, people didn't understand why the right to free expression needed to be forbidden, why limit this liberty. There were no longer the conditions that, many years before, had endowed these rights with a different meaning. As a result, the human being, once able to speak and express oneself, enriches the community he/she is part of by disseminating his/her opinions, ideas, innovations and inventions, especially material ones. The human being is therefore free to develop spiritually and materially, the result being a real contentment related to his/her opinion, idea, innovation or invention. Moreover, these opinions, ideas, innovations or inventions were expressed and disseminated in the whole community or in some communities and therefore they could not be concentrated by a single person or a limited group of people, who, would then have an absolute and arbitrary power. The person who worked, worked for himself and he reached his goals through the recognition of his work regardless of its value and, as a result, he directly or indirectly contributed to the development of the society in which he was living and, at the same time, he was setting an example for other people. There was no unpaid or un-retributed work, one way or another.

On Sioras4, the right to communication was restricted in the areas of the extreme south, especially when the natural condition prevented communication between people and required large sources of energy. Likewise, Sioras4 considered its autonomy to be absolute especially when there were communications with ships coming from or going to Terra or ships that were passing by Sioras4. This was imposed by the fact that the metal ores from Sioras4 belonged to its community and not to some other person or collectivity. All the benefits from these metals were only for the community on the whole. Apart from this collective right, there was, of course, the right to personal property especially on goods obtained individually by the inhabitants from Sioras4. In like manner, the water was strictly monitored and it belonged to the whole collectivity and not to a person or group of people. Thus, all the resources from Sioras4 belonged to the community, except those which were individually obtained or possessed by the inhabitants. All felt called to do nothing that could break these rules and when uncertainty arose, the town hall counsellors solved the issue. Therefore, on Sioras4 there was a rule stating that a liberty or a right could not be exerted because that right or liberty was forbidden, whereas on Terra there was a rules stating that, if someone was allowed to do a certain thing, then that thing was allowed for someone else too. The result is that, from a certain point of view and in some situations, the actions could mutually annul their effects and that, automatically, the exertion of a liberty was limited or annulled by the situation in itself or by the exertion of someone else's liberty.

One day, working in his garden, Skinny called Anna. She quickly arrived thinking that something wrong had happened.

Tell me, what's happened, dear?

Anna, dear, I went to the city hall. There was a secret meeting of the responsible ones.

There have been other meetings of this kind, dear. Do you remember? Two weeks ago there was a secret meeting and we still don't know what they talked about. You were also invited but after ten minutes they asked you to leave. Then, they released a statement that said we weren't allowed to move on the other side of the mountain after sunset and that special teams to research the unfriendly part of the planet would be organized and that the inhabitants are forbidden to research the unfriendly part of the planet, regardless of their protective equipment. So, what else should I expect?

This time it's something else. They asked for my advice concerning some news about a transportation spaceship that stopped at us to top off.

What spaceship, dear?

A transportation spaceship belonging to a corporation from Terra.

What message? When? How? asked Anna, suddenly interested.

Easy, dear, easy! While topping off, some members of the crew had fun in a bar on 15 street. At a bar, one of them said that the spaceship carried a small probe that they had found flying into space and that had belonged to a scientist. They said that the space probe contained data belonging to the scientist.

Have they seen what the probe really contains?


Why not?

Because they couldn't break the access code protecting the probe.

Couldn't they just blow it off?

Anna, dear, they were in the outer space. How could they have done this in the outer space?said Skinny smiling.

What happened afterwards?

Nothing. After they topped off the spaceship they set off to Earth.

So, they called you to ask you about the scientist's probe.


And what did you tell them?

Nothing. I advised against interfering when it comes to a transportation ship of a corporation from Earth.


My advice was appreciated by the mayor.

Then. Why are you so confused?

I was thinking... What if there were important data on that probe? What if they concerned us?

I think that if they weren't ours, we shouldn't worry about it.

You're right, dear. You're right, Skinny muttered thoughtfully.

As he was dressing up and feeling amused, the young man was watching the screen carefully. He saw two officers. One was struggling to push the gate bell. The bell was so small that one could hardly see it and it was directly put into the gate viewer. One moment later, one of the officers looked up towards the left part of the gate. He noticed a small camera. He signalled to his colleague. He gave him a look and mumbled something, taking his finger from the gate bell.

The young man quickly took a shirt from the back of a chair, put it on and, amused, proceeded to the door.

Make some coffee, dear! he shouted at his girlfriend who had just entered the living room.

In a minute, honey.

The young man got out of the house and went to the entrance gate.

Right away, right away, gentlemen! I've changed my bell and I've had another one installed with a viewer. Or, viceversa, a viewer with a door bell! This way I won't be bothered by any intruders. At least I give them a hard time discovering where the bell is! the young man laughed.

Are you referring to us, sir? asked one of the officers.

No, I'm not referring to you, although I would like to include you in this category as well. Here, come in!

The officers entered the small yard and suddenly they stopped.

We cannot hover about, we must see other commanders as well, the other officer cut in. We'll give you the invitation to come to the headquarters and we'll leave. Here you are.

The officer handed in a letter, a small CD and he asked the young man to sing in a notebook that he received it. After that, the officers sternly greeted the young man, got out and hurried to a car that was waiting for them in the street.

The young man looked with interest at the car that was moving away. He lingered for a few moments, thinking about the invitation he got and, yawning, he entered the yard, bouncing the gate behind him. He called his girlfriend.

Cristina, Cristina!

His girlfriend appeared, standing on the thresh hold eyeing him questioningly. She was medium tall, brown haired, with a round face, rather than oval and with pleasant features. She had a blue shade of the eyes, and a well-built body indicating that she took aerobics' classes.

What is it, honey? Don't tell me that...

Something like that!, the young man interrupted her.

Come in, don't stay outside. Close the door behind you!

The young man followed Cristina into the house. He kept tailing her. She went up in the small attic of the house. There, she threw herself on the bed she had made after an active night. She lay down, sat on one side, leaving her thigh and beautiful hip in plain view from under her shirt. Looking at her with pleasure and desire, the young man eventually sat on a chair.

Do you know why we get along so well with each other? he asked her after a few seconds of silence.


Do you know what the advantage of my profession is?

The fact that, at your level, you may choose to refuse a certain task or mission?

Yes, Cristina.

And now?

"Now, I have to go. I've already refused two assignments so far. I don't want them to think that I don't do my job well. They are going to believe I'm going to quit. I have the right to refuse, but I can't do it forever. Even if our human rights and liberties are of high priority, I must also accomplish the assignments I receive from my superiors. I'm not obliged to work, I have the right to work. I have the right to request different assignments and the right to choose the ones that best suit me. I have the right to request with priority the mission that I want to take, it is my right to take part in different missions. The civil elements weighs a lot and it is extremely important in my profession.

What about me?

You are very important to me. There are moments when you are all I think about, your loveliness, your attention, your...

I got it, honey. I was just hoping that you would decline this task as well and that you would be with me while I'm still on holiday. We still have so many things to tell each other and to do..., Cristina tried to tempt him.

The young man looked at her compliantly. He knew she was right. With some exceptions, he hadn't refused any task or assignment he received from the ones who were commanders of the society, his direct superiors. But, ever since he had met Cristina, his behaviour changed. He already refused two assignments. He was still respected even if he refused some missions. He had earned his respect and, at his turn, he offered respect.

Cristina was his girlfriend, the beauty he was in love with. He had met her on the Internet. One night he was surfing the net. He had seen many things on-line, from women in different situations to various games requiring partners. The most fashionable game was Who do you resemble with? Who makes you feel better? Who do you spend your time better with? It was a game that allowed you to find a partner, to virtually do different things with him or her for example to go shopping, to have walks or holidays together, to go to disco or to work and even to have intimate relationships. If you had enough stamina, you could even choose two partners. Everything was allowed. Many relationships had this game as starting point, fact that brought a lot of money to the game administration; they earned huge amounts of money from advertisements, sponsorships or even voluntary subscriptions from various participants. Some of the female participants showed everything, while others were more mysterious, or more secluded. Cristina was not one of them. A friend had told him that on his friends' list he had many young ladies whom he invited to various on-line chats. The friend had sent him some addresses to choose from. The young man chose three and he started to write them. Thus he found Cristina who was almost all the time in contact with her best friend. They were inseparable in many situations and thus, he found himself in an on-line correspondence with both of them. At one moment, Cristina and him started to exchange photos, ideas, subjects and topics that covered almost all domains, all until their

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