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Enjoy Cooking Whole Food, Plant-Based ENTRÉES with Coach BJ


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Enjoy Cooking Whole Food, Plant-Based ENTRÉES with Coach BJ

Länge: 63 Seiten33 Minuten


Delicious Whole Food, Plant-Based ENTRÉE recipes are offered by food coach - COACH BJ. My mission is to help you continue with your healthy eating lifestyle. I hope to make your journey pleasurable as you join my team by preparing these tasty recipes. The 19 recipes are beautifully presented with a total of 30 attractively photographed images. Recipes include comfort foods and some ethnic dishes but with a healthy twist. Let’s get back to basics and stay healthy by cooking food from the earth - grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Make tasty vegan dishes without adding oil, see how to use less processed foods, enjoy low salt options and sugar from natural foods. Enjoy delicious Plant-Based Recipes to put you at the top of your game! Nutritional facts are listed. Coach BJ's recipes are made with the home cook in mind. Learn to cook stuffed cabbage rolls, lentil meatless balls, whole wheat pizza and more. By joining Coach BJ’s team, we can help you reach your healthy eating goals!

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