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A Spy in Me, The Harley Files, A Young Adult Sleuth Mystery Series, Freshman Year, Book 1


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A Spy in Me, The Harley Files, A Young Adult Sleuth Mystery Series, Freshman Year, Book 1

Länge: 137 Seiten1 Stunde


Harley Jenkins has no idea how she’s going to get out of the mess her roommate has dragged her into. The university has placed her on probation and the disciplinary board has demoted her from her position in local news to the fashion section of her school’s online newspaper. She doesn’t even care about fashion and is far from trendy. She wants to be an investigative journalist.

So when she hears the rumors that something major went down at her dorm, she sees the opportunity to detract herself from her impeding board meeting and the problem with her roommate. A girl has fallen to her death, and Harley is sure the authorities are missing something. She’s determined to do anything to find out what happened, including hiding out in small spaces to get information even though she’s claustrophobic.

But when another girl ends up in the hospital, Harley’s convinced the two situations are related. Soon Harley finds herself torn between solving the mystery of the girls and solving her own issues. With the probation hanging over her, a fashion article due, and the upcoming hearing approaching, Harley thinks about backing out of her investigation. Will Harley be able to stuff herself into yet another tight corner to solve the mystery, or will she have to back off to solve her own issues? Will the spy in her even let her dismiss this odd mystery?

Join Harley during her freshman year as she takes on mysteries around her college town. This is Book One in a series.

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