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The Concepts of Marketing


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The Concepts of Marketing

Länge: 38 Seiten18 Minuten


Every profession always have concepts by which each operates.
Marketing also have concepts. Terminologies define concepts and each terminology differs from profession to profession and so, does their concepts.
That said a concept or idea has to be designed to work. It is not a concept until it has an operative system within it to work.
Marketing has concepts by which it operates and works and that is why as a marketer, you need to know and understand these concepts and how they operate.
You may ask, ‘why should I understand the marketing concepts?’
You need to so that you can be the best and an expert in your field. It will show you when you come before the professionals in your industry and you will not be a novice when these terms are being discussed.
You will be recognized and honored as a result plus they will see you as a consultant when the need arises and that will boost your credibility and your sales as well.
Not only that, it will let you plan better your marketing strategies and business.
You will be able to understand how marketing works and be able to apply yourself to its demands and be successful.
Therefore, it is important to know the concepts being used in your industry if you want to be a successful salesman/woman.
Inside this book, you will learn:
1. what concepts is.
2. The 12 concepts in marketing. It is no longer 5 as were told before. Marketing concepts change all the time. Discover the others today and be ahead of your peers.
3. How to use these 12 concepts to grow your business
4. The 14 Marketing Fundamentals in marketing and how to use them to build your marketing business..

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