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Feisty Princess: Episode Two: Feisty Princess, #2

65 pages53 minutes


These are the voyages of the spaceship Feisty Princess.

Childhood friends Vikki, Will and Xan were reunited after rescuing Vikki from a spaceship set to self-destruct in Episode One. The half-Duarr brothers are shocked—and disappointed—to discover Vikki is married to an older man and fellow archaeologist, Doctor Rhys Blackburn. Tempers and hormones flare while the hunt for revenge against the man who hurt Vikki continues.

But is Rhys really who he appears or are the brothers jealous of his place in Vikki's heart?

Join Vikki, Will, Xan and Rhys as tempers and hormones flare as the hunt for the man who hurt Vikki—and stole valuable artifacts—is made to pay.

This is the second episode in an ongoing serial that follows the descendants of some of the main characters from the Callisto Universe. Feisty Princess is the next generation but can easily be read and enjoyed on its own—just make sure you've read Feisty Princess: Episode One first!

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