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I Can Do Better By Mistake

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Politics from the point of view of a military veteran and average everyday American. Since the inception of our nation our leaders, for the most part, preach Democracy while doing their best to exclude us from the process as they know better. (wink wink) This election season has proven every word in this book. It is time to get past the frustration and sense of impotence and come to the realization that you do, in fact, have a voice and the issues that our leaders struggle with can actually be solved easily with a bit of selflessness and fortitude. This book offers real world solutions to the issues of illegal immigration, accountability, budget, education, religion, diversity, foreign affairs, taxation, crime, health care, the military, the Constitution, and much more. You will laugh, get angry, and, in the end, come away with a real sense of empowerment.
Book preview:
"I want you to wake up to the fact that it is okay to be a proud American. It is not okay to be an ignorant American. we do NOT owe the world an apology for forging the greatest country in the history of mankind."
Why do we keep electing the same tired ass fossils over and over? if they don't walk it like they talk it, fire them and elect someone who will man up and get it done. If you screw up at work you get fired, right?
The Budget:
If you ran your household budget the way the government runs the country's budget, you would be living in a box near some overpass.
The fact is, one of the most critical responsibilities of any sovereign nation is to secure its borders. It makes no difference what laws you enact if you do not secure the border first.
I certainly do not go into a job interview declaring my sexual preference. If I am the one doing the interviewing I would view this type of declaration to be unprofessional and nothing more.
Foreign Aid:
When it comes to prioritizing our tax dollars, the number one single over riding priority should ALWA

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