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eXtreme eBay: How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay

eXtreme eBay: How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay

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eXtreme eBay: How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay

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Feb 25, 2016


Wipe Up the Floor with Your Competition... Immediately!

The Critics say:
"Direct Marketing techniques don't and can't work on eBay."

Direct Marketers say:
"Critics get paid far less money than Direct Marketers."

Maximize Your Auction Profits by 185% or More!

Direct Marketing techniques provide you the most powerful avenue to dramatically increase sales of anything. Oddly, most eBayrs ignore them.

That's good news for you.

It's easier to wipe out sellers who compete against you when they don't use Direct Marketing techniques.

• If you feel sorry for all who compete against you on eBay, don't implement one of this book's powerful Direct Marketing eBay techniques!
• If you do, by using just one technique, you could take too many sales away from those poor suckers who sell the same things you sell.
• If doing that keeps you awake at night, skip this and keep doing what you're doing now...
...because this book will put so much money in your pockets, you might not be able to handle the guilt!

Stop Wasting Time, Money, and Sales NOW

eBay is not only a massive site that brings together buyers and sellers, it's an extremely underutilized Direct Marketing landscape. The structure of eBay lends itself beautifully to Direct Marketing concepts in spite of the naysayers who try to say otherwise.

eBay allows for all tried-and-true Direct Marketing techniques including many that most sellers never consider. You may or may not know eBay's a perfect platform for:
• Cross-Promotion - eBay allows far more cross-promotion than even most PowerSellers currently know about!
• Upsells - You can upsell even when you don't think your current product line supports upsells!
• Testing - Direct Marketing is Built on Testing - without testing, your product is Dead in the Water before you begin. Why do critics say eBay is too fluid to perform tests? It's because they don't understand eBay, testing, or Direct Marketing.
• New Product Research - You must master the wealth of FREE Research Tools finally available to all Sellers, even those without any business contacts whatsoever.
• Front-end Loss Leaders - They convert to Highly-Profitable Back-End Purchases
• Maximized SPAM-free Client Lists - Any eBayer can do this just by keeping track of previous buyers.
• Provided Newsletter Follow-Ups - You know you can do this already, just ask your buyers when you send them a Thank You email for their permission to get a free newsletter you send monthly that relates to the product they bought from you
• Unconditional Guarantees - Chapter 14 gives you the most unbelievable money-generating guarantee possible for eBay sellers - this is the true hidden GOLD that will wipe the floor with your competitors, even the ones who offer a flimsy 100% money-back guarantee which is only a fraction as powerful as the guarantee Perry reveals in this Direct Marketer's dream book!
• Headline Effectiveness - The headline is NOT your auction title - Don't make that mistake that amateur Direct Marketers make all the time!
• Getting into your Bidders' Heads - Do you know how to get inside the heads of your buyers? You might think you do if you've studied Direct Marketing. But how do you leverage eBay's platform to do this in an auction format? Chapter 13 answers that for you... it's easy!
• One after another, these techniques get more powerful. Perry shows you only the ones that maximize profits the fastest, and then... he takes them further so that: Your Income Will Skyrocket Like a NASA Spaceship!

Almost every sentence in this book trains you in how to apply Direct Marketing techniques that have proved successful for 100 or more years. Only here, Perry takes them further.

In your first auction you might very well recoup the eXtremely low-cost price of this amazing Book!

Feb 25, 2016

Über den Autor

Greg Perry, is known as The Most Interesting Author in the World. He is a Bestseller and The Merchant of Truth In the 1990’s, he was the most prolific author of computer-related writing on earth, and more than 85 of his books were published (many still in print) by major publishers all over the world and translated into almost every language in the world. Those books published by traditional publishers are now counting up towards the 4 million books sold mark, having already surpassed 3 million in sales. Since the 1990s, he began his own publishing company named MakeRight Publishing, Inc., and has since been publishing his own titles as well as others, specializing in diet and health-related titles but including far more than those as well. MakeRight Publishing, Inc., has had bestselling titles, many of which ghost-written by Greg Perry, on Amazon’s bestselling lists, often with two or more ranking above bestselling titles such as The 4-Hour Body just a few short months after Tim Ferriss’s release. In other words, somebody certainly listens to him. A lot of somebodies. Maybe you should too. Not only is Greg Perry the proved historic king of technology writing, he’s traveled the nation teaching international seminars such as the acclaimed FreedomFest. In addition, here’s a small sample of his national media appearances: * He commanded his own segment on C-Span, telling the nation eye-opening information they had never heard before, changing minds and hearts about the evils of unGodly government intrusion. * He helped compose and then star in a Penn and Teller Showtime special episode in which he was featured as the “go-to man” for the topic’s expert opinion. * John Stossel requested his presence in a special anniversary “Stossel” episode on the Fox News network. John Stossel, a Godless Libertarian (sorry to be redundant) was skilled at editing Perry’s words and arguments, sometimes to portray them as his own in the final, edited broadcast. * In 5 years of co-writing, producing, and often co-hosting a nationally-syndicated television talk show in the 1990s, one that aired five nights a week, he was the only person trusted to fill in for the host when the host was out of town. * Perry has been a featured writer and columnist for many websites including, Lew Rockwell, The Proper Villains, and World Net Daily. * Greg Perry prefers to expose the lies of the so-called “right” over the left. After all, the left is expected to lie and be wrong most of the time. In this effort, he has attended Seminary, taught many times in-depth Bible studies, and is one of the most extraordinary writers about the Bible – one who can expose the fallacies of most lukewarm believers today. That is a primary passion of If you’re not a Christian, you will love seeing him attack the sad state of the church today. * Greg Perry is a business maven. Although that’s not where his interests fall, he will provide tons of advice along the way for improving yourself and your income. After receiving an undergraduate in Computer Science, he received his MBA – Masters in Business Administration – with an emphasis in Corporate Finance. * Greg Perry has traveled the nation taking weapons training classes at all the major academies in the nation (therefore, the earth), including the acclaimed Gunsite Academy, founded by Col. Jeff Cooper. Much of Perry’s books and other writings center around weapons and self-defense. * Perry and his wife Jayne have traveled the globe, spending a total away time of several literal years outside the USA, learning about other cultures and seeing what works and what does not. A person who writes about right and wrong has little gravitas behind him if he is not well-traveled. From the bubbling hot springs and ice-capped mountains of New Zealand, to an exploration of the inside of Egypt’s largest tombs, to studying how the best coffee on earth is made in Venice, to getting sick in the smog-infested provinces of China (if you have enemies, tell them China is a great place to visit), to being kidnapped in Singapore (true story, but fortunately, not as bad of a true story as it sounds), Greg Perry has traveled the world and has years of experiences and personal growth and observations to share along the way. The number of weak, uninteresting, soy-consuming, estrogen-laden males are growing in both real numbers as well as in the percentage of males. The real man is on his way out, often laying down his proper dominance to a feminist-run society. Whether you’re a man or woman, you owe it to yourself to learn from such a world-traveled Man of Letters as Greg Perry is. To ignore such an individual is to ignore growth you would otherwise enjoy.

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eXtreme eBay - Greg Perry

eXtreme eBay


How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay

By Greg Perry


Smashwords Edition License Notes

This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return to or your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Boost Your eBay Income Today Using Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques

Chapter 2 - Some Preliminaries: Searching & Researching

Chapter 3 - Get Started Now Changing Your eBay Thinking into Direct Marketing Thinking

Chapter 4 - How Buyers Locate Your Auction Helps Your Selling Strategy

Chapter 5 - The More You Tell, the More You Sell

Chapter 6 - The Difference between a Bad Listing and a Good Listing

Chapter 7 - Get Ready for Copywriting and eBay

Chapter 8 - Copywriting and eBay Listings – Your Income’s Meat and Potatoes

Chapter 9 - One of the Biggest Secrets Revealed: How to Flood Your Titles with Keywords

Chapter 10 - Forgetting the Obvious Is a Common Mistake

Chapter 11 - Write Listings That Talk to Your Buyers

Chapter 12 - Always Be Closing, Always Be Closing

Chapter 13 - Another Powerful Selling Technique: Paint a Mental Picture

Chapter 14 - The Single Most Powerful Wealth-Building Sentence You Can Put In Your Auctions Is Revealed in This Chapter

Chapter 15 - The Easiest Time to Sell Something to Someone Is Right After They’ve Purchased Something Else from You

Chapter 16 - Your Emails Can Sell in Their Signatures

Chapter 17 - You Now Will Do More Than Compete – You Can Dominate

Appendix A - How Do You Want to Be Perceived: Big or Small?

Appendix B - A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Chapter 1

Boost Your eBay Income Today Using Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques

The critics say:

Direct Marketing techniques do not and cannot work on eBay.

Direct Marketers say:

Critics are paid far less than Direct Marketers.

Reasons for Their Doubt

The naysayers who insist that eBay’s structure doesn’t allow for many of the Direct Marketing techniques used in other markets don’t understand three things:


2. The depth of Direct Marketing techniques

3. The difference between the message and the medium

eBay provides incredible opportunities for the Direct Marketer. In this eBook you’ll learn several amazing ways to boost your eBay income dramatically using traditional Direct Marketing techniques.

So many techniques are available to you including:

• Testing

• Generating leads with loss leaders

• Up-sales

• Maximizing a buyer’s list

• Testing descriptions

• Newsletter follow-ups

• So much more

Perhaps you wondered how some of these could possibly be used for eBay since eBay’s structure seems to go against the grain of more traditional eCommerce sites.

Don’t Confuse the Message with the Medium

Your message should not change just because the medium changes.

A headline is a headline, whether spoken by a salesperson talking to a potential buyer, whether written in a direct marketing letter, whether appearing atop an email, whether appearing at the top of a one-page Internet sales page, or in an auction.

The naysayers state that an eBay auction’s 55-character title limit means you can’t write effective headlines for auctions. They are wrong. 55 characters certainly is a major limitation for a headline. But you don’t put your headline in the auction title! That’s not the purpose of the auction title.

Your headline goes where it always goes, at the top of your sales letter which is your auction description.

People who don’t understand eBay don’t understand the purpose of the auction title. If you don’t understand the difference between an auction title’s purpose and your auction headline’s purpose, you will very soon.

Chapter 2

Some Preliminaries: Searching & Researching

Before listing an item for sale it’s incumbent upon you to do some research. This is simple, painless research that eBay will help you with.

Your research must gather information about:

1. Past sales of your item

2. Past price points so you’ll know what to expect in income

3. Hints to auction titles that work and don’t work

4. Item descriptions that work and don’t work

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Don’t list without research. Why not let history save you time and money?

Herein, you’ll learn the importance of crafting your auction titles to bring the most potential buyers to your auction.

You’ll learn a lot about writing top-selling auction titles primarily by searching. That’s why most experts recommend you buy

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