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The Ninth Inning series presents Memphis Angels’ right fielder, Tanner Coats.

Tanner Coats is known for being a no filter, sex-crazed kid on the team. There are two things he loves in life: baseball and sex. Unfortunately, his sex life is interfering with baseball, causing issues, and there’s a room full of people trying to change who he is. Tanner decides to dig in his heels every step of the way because there’s no way he’s changing who he knows himself to be.

Piper McCay is a woman who knows what she wants. She loves her career, her nephews, and her DVD collection. At the age of forty-three, she is content with not having relationship or children, and only having her flings with younger men. When she takes the job with the Memphis Angels, every day she’s face-to-face with her favorite player, Tanner Coats, and it’s sending her cougar hormones into overdrive.

Will the kid and the cougar be able to play a fair game together?

HerausgeberLindsay Paige
Erscheinungsdatum25. Nov. 2016
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Lindsay Paige

Lindsay Paige is the author of multiple Young Adult, New Adult, and Sports romances. She also enjoys writing books with characters who deal with anxiety and depression, issues which are close to her heart. Lindsay is a North Carolinian who loves watching hockey, sharing puns, having conversations with her miniature Schnauzer, rewatching episodes of M*A*S*H, and living her dream of writing books for a living.Lindsay has written the following books/series:Bending Under PressureBold as Love seriesBracing for Love seriesCarolina Rebels seriesDon’t PanicSanity seriesYou Before MeWithout a DoubtShe has cowritten the following series with Mary Smith:The Ninth Inning seriesOh Captain, My Captain seriesThe Penalty Kill trilogy

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