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Through a Child's Eyes


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Through a Child's Eyes

Länge: 191 Seiten3 Stunden


Eddy is a 9 year old girl, living with her family in a small council house in the east of Manchester. The author offers the reader an insight into Eddy’s life of abuse and ridicule. Based in the 1970’s, it shows how one child in a relatively average lower class family can feel isolated and scared of those she feels should protect and nurture her.

A personal problem, kept as a secret by herself and her family, causes her untold ridicule and fear as her siblings and parents threaten to share the personal secret with others.

Eddy seeks the acceptance and love of her parents and siblings only to be left fearful for her life, whilst wishing she didn’t exist. The solace of relatives and neighbours are her only sanctuary.

“A harrowing and powerful story of a child’s humiliation at the hands of her parents and her younger brothers and elder sister. There seems to be no escape for Eddy from a life of daily drudgery and ridicule - or from the shame and trials of her secret weakness...”
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