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Breaking the Chains of Captivity


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Breaking the Chains of Captivity

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One most essential right of all humans is freedom. All humans desire and deserve freedom, and any lack of it is injustice, captivity, bondage. Where liberty is denied, life itself is denied and so is the joy of living. This exactly is the situation with lots of people, who painfully walk about with chains of captivities binding. In nature, chain could be spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, marital, socio-political or economic. The fact remains that while the spiritual chain is the cause, all others are but the effects. And here is the good news: 'All types of chains of captivity are breakable'. Thus, your freedom is possibility. This message of liberation resounds with great assurance throughout this book. The Author, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has offered you another liberation keys to lead you out of captivity to liberty. Have an impact-thrilled reading.

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