Found: Working Out Life Through an Aspergers Lens


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Found: Working Out Life Through an Aspergers Lens

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FOUND is an autobiography with an Aspergers tilt. With extraordinary courage and vulnerability Judith reveals how she pulls out her inner actress to survive. The story is both lyrical and raw as Judith describes how her family has dealt with major life stressors, the diagnosis of herself and her son, and the way they manage life now. From the colourful backdrops of a cotton farm at the back of Bourke in remote Australia to suburbia - her topics include sexual abuse, mental health, death, financial disasters, education, intimacy and relationships.

"I want to take you away from the hurtful experiences in your life, even though you will be visiting mine. To remind you that what wrings out your heart and tears apart your soul will not last. I have been through enough to know that joy need not be surrendered. It can be resurrected. As my secrets are about to be. Unwrapped. First exposed. Scrutinised. Finally healed. Spicy and fragrant."

"So here it is, the truth."

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