How I Changed My Gender From Female to Male


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How I Changed My Gender From Female to Male

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Deciding to transition gender is likely to be the biggest decision you will ever make in your life. It will change your life irrevocably – and based on research, it will most likely change it for the better. Nevertheless, it is not an easy choice to make. When the author began to become outwardly the man he always was inside, he found it a very difficult and challenging journey, emotionally and physically. He sought advice from friends, counselors, support groups, websites, and books. Thomas spent fourteen years going through his transition from female to male, and learned a great deal from this experience. Having lived now as both a woman and a man, Thomas wants to share his journey, in the hope that it will help others on the same journey. When transitioning it is usual to need lots of help and advice – it’s a normal and healthy part of your transition. This book will provide some of the guidance that the author wishes he had had on his journey. He shares how he experienced his transition, and also provides a wealth of information and resources.

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