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The World Series: The History and the Moments

The World Series: The History and the Moments

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The World Series: The History and the Moments

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Sep 9, 2016


This exciting booklet captures all the World Series championships
since 1969 when the National League and American League
winners first battled each other for the title.
Sep 9, 2016

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The World Series - Gill Schor

World Series Champions

2015 Kansas City Royals

2014 San Francisco Giants

2013 Boston Red Sox

2012 San Francisco Giants

2011 Saint Louis Cardinals

2010 San Francisco Giants

2009 New York Yankees

2008 Philadelphia Phillies

2007 Boston Red Sox

2006 Saint Louis Cardinals

2005 Chicago White Sox

2004 Boston Red Sox

2003 Florida Marlins

2002 Annaheim Angels

2001 Arizona Diamondbacks

2000 New York Yankees

1999 New York Yankees

1998 New York Yankees

1997 Florida Marlins

1996 New York Yankees

1995 Atlanta Braves

1994 - Strike -

1993 Toronto Blue Jays

1992 Toronto Blue Jays

1991 Minnesota Twins

1990 Cincinnati Reds

1989 Oakland Athletics

1988 Los Angeles Dodgers

1987 Minnesota Twins

1986 New York Mets

1985 Kansas City Royals

1984 Detroit Tigers

1983 Baltimore Orioles

1982 Saint Louis Cardinals

1981 Los Angeles Dodgers

1980 Philadelphia Phillies

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

1978 New York Yankees

1977 New York Yankees

1976 Cincinnati Reds

1975 Cincinnati Reds

1974 Oakland Athletics

1973 Oakland Athletics

1972 Oakland Athletics

1971 Pittsburgh Pirates

1970 Baltimore Orioles

1969 New York MetsWorld


Kansas City


2ndChampionship Title

The Road to Victory

The Kansas City Royals bounced back from their 2014 championship lossby defeating the New York Mets 4-1 to claim their first trophy in 30 years. The first pitch of the first game resulted in a Royal inside-the-park home run, a play that hasn’t been seen in a World Series since 1929. Game 3 witnessed a hopeful New York knock three of the team’s six home runs in the Series, but the momentum was short-lived as the Royals wrapped up the five game duel, out-hitting the Mets47-34 and committingfewer errors on the field. Batting .364 in the Series, Salvador Perez became the first catcher since 1992 to take home the MVP.

Season Fun FactThe Brewers retire a #1 jersey in honor of Bud Selig, who had previously owned the team and was baseball’s 9th Commissioner from 1998 -2014.


San Francisco


8th Championship Title

The Road to Victory

For the second time, the World Series witnessed two wild card teams reach the championship games, with the San Francisco Giants taking down

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