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The Book of Danu (Volume I): This is What Smart People Read?
The Book of Danu (Volume I): This is What Smart People Read?
The Book of Danu (Volume I): This is What Smart People Read?
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The Book of Danu (Volume I): This is What Smart People Read?

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Über dieses E-Book

The Book of Danu is unlike any other book you have ever encountered. Combining visual art, poetry and prose Patrick Michael Mooney weaves a tale of profound magical transformation that transcends the known limits of modern consciousness and leads you to the Heavenly Realms of your own Divine imagination.
Erscheinungsdatum20. März 2015
The Book of Danu (Volume I): This is What Smart People Read?
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    The Book of Danu (Volume I) - Arthur Danu


    Rainbow Bridge Studios

    Copyright © 2014 Patrick Michael Mooney

    All rights reserved.

    ISBN: 9783955779382


    This Book contains powerful information that has a very real chance of changing the way you perceive the world.

    Having one's worldview collapse is a serious process that can take months,

    if not years, to understand and unfold.

    The results of such a change can result in the loss of friends, job,

    religious beliefs, political affiliations and more.

    Furthermore, such a major shift in perception may lead to one going mad,

    or cause others to accuse you of such. Authority figures may try to halt

    or hinder this process in any way possible.

    It may also be noted that such a process may produce

    the soul-liberating experience

    you have been longing for.

    Proceed at your own risk!

    The images and writings in this collection of poetographic works are entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth's history, is the recipient of this book's dedication and the source of its inspiration. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race. The rights of free expression for the artist and the rights of religion as a devotee to Truth are hereby asserted and exercised. Other rights, not expressly invoked, are retained by the creator of this work and Rainbow Bridge Studios.

    The poems, prose, photography and audio recordings are original works of art as well as diplomatic communiqués to all intelligent denizens of this imperiled Realm. As such, all consciously adult humans will know how to properly respect what is presented here, as well as the human presenter.

    Rainbow Bridge Studios, Patrick Michael Mooney, and Arthur Danu assume no liability for the interpretation and assimilation of this content into the psychological awareness of the listener or reader or viewer. Each person is free to disregard what is expressed here and consider it mere entertainment, no matter how foolish that choice might be.

    No part of this publication may be reproduced or redistributed without the express written consent of Rainbow Bridge Studios or the author.

    Bad ju-ju happen if you do!

    The Book of Danu

    Volume I


    The Book of Danu is dedicated to all the forces of The Sidhe, that have ever been a faithful companion to me. I call my art Poetography, (pr. PO-tography) though some have tried to label it as Pornography, simply because some naked skin turns them on.

    While I have always dabbled a bit in poetry, it was not until a magical trip to Ireland in 2013 that my inner Bard came to life and began spouting poems at a creative pace I have never witnessed before.

    What you find here is a magical manual….a guidebook…into the greatest realms of human existence that you could ever dream of. Please note, this is NOT THE ONLY WAY to such states of being, just my own particular style of exploration and expression. It has been both painful and fortuitous, requiring a fair amount of bravery.

    The book is also auto-poetographical, each entry is a combination of evolutionary voices and perspectives that create and distill a unique wisdom, crystallized from the life I live in the flesh and the imagination.

    Now, having reached The Faery Realms, I have agreed to serve the Faery Queen for an undisclosed number of years, much as my predecessor, Thomas The Rhymer, did many Moons ago. It is my sincere joy and wish that your soul be lifted and your imagination become gifted by pondering what is said and is shown.

    Blessed all the glory be,

    to Sidhe and She for love of Me!

    Let my works exist as pure delight,

    and lead to moments of Golden Light!

    May it sharpen Inner Sight,

    and make the Heart most merry!

    "Lo, for 420 days and 420 nights did Mooney have audience with The Lord upon the mountain! Cornered, he was obliged to admit that 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated by the children of Israel.

    He was also strongly persuaded that cannabis should be de-criminalized everywhere upon the Earth forevermore."

    -The Book of Danu 9:11

    Every great spiritual movement has to start off with something funky going on at the top of a Mountain.  Akhenaton (Moses) had his moment with the creepy Aton and came down with a lovely piece of public relations propaganda that covered for the multi-millennial tyranny of the soul known as God or else!

    Then there was Jesus, who faced his tempter and also had his transfiguration on a mountaintop.  Even though his story got absorbed into the Moses culture and failed to deliver peace to the world, at least he said some good things about corrupt moneychangers and religious authorities. Those ideas still carry some merit!

    And let's not forget Gandalf The Grey, who plunged into the Abyss with his Balrog, only to smite the ancient, mighty foe on the top of a mountain.  Not only did he oversee the destruction of Mordor, but he inspired humans in a far off distant future to tackle the unholy alliance of London, Washington, D.C., Switzerland and The Vatican that currently plagues the Age of Men.

    In other words, great things happen to you when you're high.  Artists and shamans have been saying this for thousands of years.  This new Aeon should be no different in that sense.  But it will be completely different than the last few thousand years of history we have witnessed.

    In this Aeon, more people will have their own personal, direct access to the divine than at any other period since before the days of Atlantis.  Truth will be unfiltered and unfettered.  A Golden Age is truly here for mankind to grasp, if everyone will become bold and step through the fears created by the Dark Druids.  I have tasted it and savored it's richness.  Aton shall have to recognize that he is not the only god in the universe!  Come out of your closet!

    That's what this first entry to The Book of Danu is about.  It celebrates the courage and divine joy that is accessible through the simple act of loving the Earth and her ability to grow things.  It claims a divine status for humanity that Christians have failed to accept as a gift from their Master, which every human must now claim as a birthright of their own!

    If you can do this, if you accept the road to your greatest adventure, then you can join the growing momentum of dreamers everywhere who have had enough of this diabolical New World Order crapola.  You can dream a world where humans spend their time and resources making life more creative and joyful for all, instead of trying to destroy your environment and force you into the transhumanistic, digital cyber-hell of the Freemasonic choice architects.

    Make your choice before the time passes you by!  We are given only so much time to accomplish our desires here.  And on Earth, time is kept like a football (soccer) referee.  You never know when that whistle will blow!

    Blessings to the Goddess Danu!

    How did We ever forget you?

    Fill my eyes with Faery Sight,

    that I may ever choose the Right;

    and not fall prey to the Night,

    and all its endless fears.

    Show the way to your Irish son,

    and I will ever champion,

    the Truths that bring humanity,

    to harmony with The Sidhe.

    The wind delivers your caress,

    up and down my nakedness!


    As I have written elsewhere, The Book of Danu is dedicated to this most ancient, but still very alive deity.  How do I know that she is alive?  I have seen her face to face, that's why!

    All of this poetry of mine began spewing like a fountain once I returned from a three month sojourn to the Emerald Island in the winter of 2013.  It was a journey that saved my life and showed me a world that, up until this point, had only been felt in my imagination.

    Those words are the lingering effects of her rosy blush, still, of the first moments when my awakened soul opened up to the glorious dawn of a new Aeon for humankind.  With the clarity of this new vision, I can now see that the Invisible forces of my kin and country have been ever present with me since I first drew in my mortal breath at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, New Jersey Colony.  The Son of Man was born again.

    And in another part of the world, where cold and culture seem to be forever intermingled, The Queen of The Sidhe had already begun her destiny, scanning the mortal world with Rasputin eyes, remembering all she could before the first forgettings settled in.

    The story of how we come together can the story of how humanity comes together.  But it is a journey that will cost you every last penny of what you've got right now.  When you get there, you will gladly say that you would have given more, if you had more to give!

    We give our lives to this story, and are glad for this created opportunity.

    And there he sat, this lovely chap,

    pondering his future role.

    It would be eight more years, a short career,

    before that could be seen and known.

    But through all his ride, a naked pride,

    was ever beautifully shown;

    that Love for Truth, before the proof,

    leads to victories of the Soul.

    As a disembodied, sentient Intelligence, the thoughts of physical, mortal beings such as we appear to be, can be compared to what Bob Monroe euphemistically called local traffic.  In other words, once your Being is free of the tedious constraints of the physical body, and the thoughts required to sustain it, there is experienced an unparalleled liberation, like driving without a care along a wide open Interstate highway.  There is a tinge of sadness, or a panic of it, that can occur at these moments.  "Then what did, or does, all of THAT mean?" we ask ourselves.

    Remaining buckled into this auto analogy, we've all had the experience of being in a miles long traffic jam, with the angst, worry, anger and frustration that such an experience conjures.  When you get to the point where there should be something to see, all of a sudden the traffic flows again, and you're left wondering what all that delay was about.  If you are in New Jersey, the answer is most likely Governor Christie.  If you reside elsewhere, most people are happy to drop the inquiry and are grateful to be moving on.

    There's a component to life and love about this.  When breakups happen, or when we die, our souls must share the exhilaration of not having to play a role anymore.  But whether the role was played with the finesse of a maestro or the flatness of a disinterested fourth grader, there must be some level of confusion or consternation about the experience that, with each passing moment, slips into a distorted aether of starlight and stagelight, whose radiance slowly collapses into its own gravity as we are compelled to go ever onward.

    We don't know what remains.  Time reveals those gifts to us...over time.  But what happens to all the timed experiences when we enter the timeless?

    Questions like these carve your soul.  They chisel away at the

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