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Jo-Kin Battles the It: Super Space Kids, #1

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Jo-Kin Battles the It is an illustrated humorous super space kid adventure, brimming with intrigue and positive messages. Karen Tyrrell award winning author and resilience teacher inspires kids to work as a team, use humour and brain power to solve problems. ‘Goof ball Josh Atkins aka Jo-Kin wins the Super Space Kid contest alongside nerdy Sam Jones aka Sam-Wich. Their first Super Space Kid mission is to save the galaxy from deadly alien, called the It. When the It kidnaps Captain Astra, it’s a race against time. Can Josh save Astra, the galaxy and us all … before it’s too late? Blast off with Jo-Kin in this hilarious space adventure to empower kids with resilience, team building and brain power skills, illustrated by Trevor Salter.

REVIEWS: “Brilliant, Action-packed, Humorous, Creative.” - Buzz Words

‘Page turner… Literary engagement ...empowers children to overcome feelings of self-doubt.’ - Oz Books 4 Teachers

*5 STAR REVIEWS: teachers, sci-fi writers, authors and school counsellors.

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