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Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery: Me and, #2

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Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery is an empowering memoir and practical self-help book for the recovery of bipolar, bullying and mental illness. Karen Tyrrell author reveals shock discoveries casting Karen Tyrrell’s first memoir Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness in a new light. An Australian teacher, Karen highlights the crucial role of her husband, Steve played as carer in her recovery from parent harassment and subsequent mental illness. In this self-help memoir, Karen shares practical mental-wellness advice, demystifies meditation, addresses sleep problems and explains how to beat depression and anxiety. Karen also discloses the dreaded secrets Steve finally revealed to her. ‘On that fateful blue-sky day, my life as I knew it fell apart…“You better rewrite that memoir of yours. What I’m going to tell you now will change everything.” What secrets did Steve finally divulge six years on? What impact did those revelations have on their marriage and Karen’s recovery? REVIEWS: 'We can all benefit from Karen’s insights into the wellness skills that promote good mental health.' - Terry Kirkpatrick, manager of Mental Health Association Australia

'Book to turn to when life threatens to overwhelm us. Life-affirming tips we can all use to maintain our mental wellness.' - Wendy Johnson, editor South City Bulletin magazine

'The husband who will stop at nothing to help his wife recover...A touching story about love and the resilience of the human spirit.'- Belladonna Took, Her Canberra Magazine.

'Me & HIM: A Guide to Recovery is a practical framework of experience wrapped around an inspirational story of struggle and success.' - Richard Nelson, CEO of Queensland Alliance of Mental Health. *5 STAR REVIEWS: CEO's Mental Health organizations, psychologists, teachers and counsellors. Endorsed by: Black Dog Institute WINNER: Mental Health achievement award.

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