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A Second Chance

A Second Chance

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A Second Chance

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Oct 7, 2016


Ten years ago, Will was too afraid to go to high school prom with his boyfriend.  He regretted it soon after, and has done ever since – but Charlie was long gone by the time he came around.  Cut to today, and Will's regrets are still piling up.  A college dropout now working the roulette wheel at a fancy Las Vegas casino, the last thing he expects is any kind of second chance.


Then Charlie walks up to his table in a Versace suit and a Rolex, and everything changes.


Turns out, Charlie's life has gone in the exact opposite direction to Will's.  His biomediecal engineering degree, along with his natural flair for enterprise, has put him at the head of the industry-leading BioCell Corp., founded with a couple of his college buddies.  He's always been a nerd, and some things never change – but now he's a nerd with a black AmEx card.


Will wanted him even before all this money and power.  How is he supposed to resist him now?  Worse, how is he supposed to prove that it's Charlie he wants – not his bank balance?

Oct 7, 2016

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A Second Chance - Jake Evans

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By  Jake Evans

Copyright © 2016

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter One

Casinos, Will decided, were bizarre places.  Looking around the room as the punters at his wheel made their bets, he could see table after table of gamblers.  Almost all of them seemed to be concentrating on the game, whatever it may be – roulette, in this section, or blackjack the next section over.  Despite that level of focus, there was somehow also a healthy buzz of conversation in the room, and the occasional hearty laugh or cheer.

Honestly, Will didn't really understand it.  He'd been working at Gold Rush for a couple of months now.  For him, that was a fairly long-term job – which perhaps said everything you needed to know about Will.  So far, however, he hadn't been able to grasp why people put themselves through the pain of gambling in Las Vegas.

A handful of them seemed to enjoy it, sure, and that wasn't so complicated.  The rest seemed utterly miserable, haunted by their own bad luck, and the disappointment that it somehow hadn't turned into good luck for this one night.  Just like it hadn't changed for the vast majority of the other guests.

After all, the house always wins in the end.

Personally, Will would never play.  These glum-looking guests may have been willing to test their bad luck, but Will definitely wasn't.  He knew it would turn out with him out on his ass all over again, sleeping on a friend's couch and hunting through the 'Help Wanted' section of the newspaper every morning.

Not that he particularly loved this job, but he wasn't desperate enough to do that to himself again.  At least, not yet.

Place your bets, please, he said, trying to retain some semblance of energy and interest in his voice.  There was more dignity in it if you could pretend you weren't mind-numbingly bored.  At least then you wouldn't feature in part of some rich asshole's story at the water cooler.  God, the kid on the roulette wheel.  He was bored out of his damn mind.  Bet he wishes he never dropped out of high school now.

Thing was, Will had not dropped out of high school.  Admittedly, he had dropped out of college, but money was the biggest factor in that decision.  He couldn't justify increasing his debt any further, knowing he'd still be in a dead-end job that wouldn't bring him anywhere close to paying off those debts.  He figured he may as well cut his losses while he still could.

This was one of many regrets in Will's life.  At least this one wasn't entirely his fault.  No matter how you sliced it, after all, he would still never have been able to afford to sustain himself through his senior year.

No more bets, please.

He had grown tired of watching the wheel spin.  At first, it had been exciting trying to  make private bets of his own, wondering which of his guests would win and which would lose.  Red or black?  Odd or even?  These days, he didn't much care either way.  If they all lost, it didn't really matter.  For all the horror stories you saw in pearl-clutching magazines, Will very rarely saw a person who couldn't afford to lose what they had gambled.

And – there it was.

A couple of cheers from one end of the table.  A couple of groans and curses from the rest.  Same old shit.

How different would his life have been, Will wondered if he had been able to fund college?

More's the point, how different would his life have been if he hadn't made so many mistakes?  As usual, his mind went straight to one mistake in particular.  Granted, this wasn't something that directly affected his career – but no doubt a little motivation and energy could have set him on a better track, and this particular fuck-up had sapped all the life out of him.

Place your bets, please.

It was ten years ago now.  In a way, it was hard to believe it had been so

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