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8+8+8 Minutes to Change Your Life

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In 24 minutes, this much needed life-hack will open your world to new ways to understand and create business and personal success in your life. Written by an experienced business executive it aims to provide a quick guide to unleashing the inner you.

It calls for an end to holding hands and singing Kumbaya, and provides a tool to energize and ignite your inner most desires. Just as Caesar placed God-like statues of himself around Rome, the business leadership literature of today, mostly focuses on how to be the ideal cut-out. Experience has unveiled an alternative darker view, which Frederick Anderson brings to the fore in a few key takeaways. At best it will knee-jerk you into success, or at worst it will provide you insights into some of the dynamics of success in your business or personal network. So go on and take a plunge – it may just lead you down an interesting wormhole.

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