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The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet | Summary

The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet | Summary

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The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet | Summary

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Oct 25, 2016


Contrary to popular opinion, if you have been diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, you need not resign yourself to a life of deteriorating health and complex regimens of testing and medications. Science and modern research show that a proper diet and exercise routine can absolutely reduce your blood sugar levels and keep them in the healthy range daily, freeing you from insulin dependence and the other drugs that facilitate the normalizing of your blood glucose day in and day out.
We’ve heard an insistent drumbeat from the medical community, over the last thirty-five years, on the benefits of cutting fat from our diets; however, we’ll show how that myth actually undermines vitality. Sustainable weight loss starts with a responsible nutritional plan which eliminates added sugars and bad fats, and which radically reduces simple, processed carbohydrates.

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Oct 25, 2016

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The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet | Summary - Summary Station

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The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet

From Michael Mosley

How to Beat Diabetes Fast (and Stay Off Medication)

By Summary Station

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Chapter 1

Often, people with high blood sugar detect no symptoms. Others notice changes such as frequent urination, excessive thirst and fatigue. These conditions help to alert the person that a problem has developed. With or without the classic signs, though, consistently high blood sugar levels indicate that type 2 diabetes, a serious health condition, could be developing. If left unchecked, type 2 diabetes can spike your risk for heart disease and stroke, as well as accelerate aging.


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