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Alien Warrior's Mate

Alien Warrior's Mate

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Alien Warrior's Mate

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Oct 29, 2016


Stranded on an abandoned planet with my fated mate.

Vera can’t stand me, which is fine by me because I don’t like people much, especially humans. Especially voluptuous human women with liquid dark eyes and lips that begged to be kissed and curves that fit perfectly against my warrior’s physique.

Our ship crashed and now we’re stuck for who knows how long, waiting for rescue. I’m not sure I can resist her much longer and I’m starting to think the attraction is mutual.

The problem is she’s the sister of my princess and too good for a grizzled warrior like me.

Standalone Story! No Cliffhangers! No Cheating! Lots of steam! Guaranteed happy ending!

Oct 29, 2016

Über den Autor

Nancey Cummings has a long commute via train into the city every day. She uses the time to fantasize and writes down her fantasies in a notebook, the rest of her fellow commuters blissfully unaware. Nancey lives in an old house with her husband and two cats who have complaints with management. When she’s not writing, she enjoys video games, horror movies and anything involving time travel.

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Alien Warrior's Mate - Nancey Cummings

Alien Warrior’s Mate

Alpha Aliens of Fremm 3

Nancey Cummings

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Twenty Six

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About the Author


What Has Gone Before:

This is a standalone story. It is possible to enjoy the story without knowing anything about the series thus far, but if you’re interested...

Prince Aster of Fremm found his fated mate, Evie, in the most unexpected place: a Terran space station. Even more surprising was the human woman who evoked the mate bond. So he took her. Tossed her over his shoulder and violated a dozen interstellar laws. Was Evie happy about it? No, but she was incredibly turned on by the alien warrior. Eventually Aster won Evie over.

They returned to Fremm for their wedding. The Queen demanded Evie complete a set of three challenges to prove her worth. Evie did but at great cost. Her sister, Vera, went missing during the challenge and assassins were sent, by the Queen, to attack Evie. The Queen was imprisoned for her treachery but Vera remains missing.

This is Vera’s story.

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Chapter One


I hate crowds.

The Juno botanical gardens were normally empty, only busy on weekends and holidays. The implanted translator chip picked up the conversations around me. I guess today counted as a holiday. The Rose Fennel was blooming. Normally this plant only bloomed and bore fruit once a decade. Allegedly the fruit of the Rose Fennel is a decadent rich red fruit with flesh like an orange but spicy like cinnamon. I’ve never had so much as a morsel. It’s way out of my price range. But the plant that’s blooming today is also unique in that it’s blossoming one year early.

My plant mutated. I’m so giddy I skipped all the way to the gardens. If I can take a sample today and find a useful, replicable mutation, my career will surge forward. I ignored the missed message alert on my tablet.

Okay, I should have been at the spaceport. I said I would be at the spaceport but I have a very good reason for blowing off my big blue babysitter. At least I sent my bags. That counts for something, right? Anyway, it’s not like anything runs on schedule on Juno. Things get done in time but never on schedule. A few more hours not waiting in a busy port for a launch window and a few more hours working suits me just fine.

Charlie was waiting for me. A soil sample kit, a camera, a bag for leaf samples and a coffee occupied all four of his hands. Charlie was a Gyer, a four limbed, dark grey skinned alien. Decent guy. Well, person. Gyers didn’t really have gender, not like humans understand. The Gyer were very fluid but Charlie presented as male so who was I to question him.

That for me? I ask.

You are late, Charlie said, taking a sip of not-my-coffee.

I shrugged. I’m supposed to be at the spaceport.

But you couldn’t resist.

I couldn’t, but why should I? I worked crazy hard for two years to get to the colony with no debt. Keeping alive the orchard which provided oxygen and food to a slow moving freighter is a lot more complicated than you’d think. The journey to Juno took two years but I had no debt when I arrived, so I was already ahead of the game. Richer passengers spent the trip in stasis. Now that I was planet side, I worked long hours and weekends to save up money for my own homestead. This trip for my sister’s wedding is the first vacation I’ve had since leaving Earth five years ago.

My personal life was non-existent. You got to water those plants for anything to grow and I just don’t have time for that. When I needed to socialize, which wasn’t often, I had work friends. When I needed to get screwed, I had a drawer full of toys. My life was work and sleep and more work. So what if I’m excited about a mutated plant? I won’t apologize for that. You just going to stand there holding tools or are you going to do some work?

I’ve had this dream since I was kid. In this dream I live in a house in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the country with fields and lots of sky and no people. Just me and a garden filled with vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and flowers that do anything other than look pretty because why not. My garden can be a frivolous as it likes. Juno isn’t as crowded as Earth, not by a long shot, but I’m not in the middle of nowhere yet. Besides, I like the rawness of the native Juno, the strange red grasses and the rolling prairies. Right now I’m living in a small apartment which disassembled from a colony ship. I’ve been living in the same two hundred square feet for five years. If I don’t get out of it soon, I’m going to go crazy. I need empty spaces and horizons.

My sister and I grew up in the crowded slums of Earth. Big sister got trained in culinary skills and took the first star liner off planet. I followed, getting a degree in horticulture botany and getting off crowded Earth.

Juno was on the fringes of the habitable Terran worlds. The young colony didn’t have a lot in the way of amenities but what it did have was space, lots of wide open space. I worked at the horticultural gardens in the center of the small city. Mainly I worked to develop hardy plants and crops that will thrive in the Juno climate. My work puts food in the markets. I like to feed people, what can I say. Evie and I are the same in that regard.

I work in the largest city on Juno and city is being generous. It’s definitely a town, even mid-sized if you’re generous but it was far from the sprawling megapolis I left back on Earth. No building was taller than two stories or older than twenty years. I liked it.

I’ve been saving and depriving myself for the last five years to buy a farm in the middle of that red grass prairie. I’d raise cattle. What I knew about ranching was close to diddly-squat but grazing livestock did better on the dry Juno prairies than agriculture. Mainly I’m interested in living in the middle of nowhere and Juno had a lot to offer for middle of nowhere.

I’d like to have someone to share that farmhouse on the prairie with but I haven’t met him yet. Sometimes I think Charlie might be my best bet. I like him well enough but there’s no spark. What I really craved was a man who worked with his hands and worked hard, had the tang of sweat on his lips and the muscles sculpted by honest labor. Juno was good for the rough around the edges type of man but I lived in town. When I wasn’t in town, I was in the field, crouching in the dirt and digging up specimens. Co-workers were the only men I ever met and I won’t go down that road again. Too many complications.

No thanks.

Get the farmhouse first, Vera, then find your man.

A missed message alert beeped again. I silenced the alerts.

That morning the news feed reported that Talmar suffered a significant Edder incursion. The Edder were an aggressive, spider like race. Besides having too many legs and eyes, the worst thing about them was they ate people. Like, they considered sentient beings a delicacy. The Edder conducted frequent hunting trips on the outer colonies. It was enough to give anyone nightmares.

Talmar responded with increasing the number of vessels and arms. A fluff piece followed about the Fremmian Prince and his new Terran wife. I’m never going to get use to seeing my sister on the newsfeeds.

A shout pieced through the murmur of the crowd. Vera Hyatt!

Something in that voice made me stand up and pay attention. It went to the core of me, excited me and completely soaked my panties.

I received a message from my sister a day ago about the wedding. Evie worked her way from ship’s cook to head chef on a space station and now she was marrying a Prince. I was supposed to meet my escort at the spaceport but, well, I got distracted by the Rose Fennel. That’s how he found me, kneeling in the dirt with my fingers deep in the soil.

The crowd parted for the towering twilight shaded man. He wore the fitted grey military uniform of Fremm with a three sword emblem on his left shoulder. Mesmerized, I watched the way the muscles of his shoulders and thick thighs flexing and striding. The fabric only highlighted his form. This was clearly a man who was use to hard work.

Delicious. Just yum.

He moved like a beast ready to pounce, radiating masculinity and power. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He paused and sniffed the air, turning towards me.

I gasped when I saw his face. Heavy scarring marred the sharp features of his dusky blue face. One vicious slash at the corner of his mouth tugged his lips down in a permanent scowl. Even without the scars, he was far from handsome. His features were too sharp for like, like a knife honed him out of slate.

I kind of like the look of him.

He frowned as he strode up to me, eyes sweeping up my form. I don’t think he liked the look of me. I’m not delusional, I know my limitations. I’m a little shorter than my sister and thinner but I ain’t hard on the eyes. Still, the way he rubbed his chin and his eyes refusing to meet me in the eye made me feel like dirt.

Vera Hyatt, the large man said. I am Glin et Garen, sent by Prince Aster. We need to leave immediately. The translator chip worked nearly as fast as he spoke. My Fremmian escort wasn’t too thrilled with me blowing off our launch time, apparently. The weird thing is, I know this warrior is objectively terrifying but not to me. Sure, he’s big and really pissed but I can only smile back at him.

I got the message, I said. I rose to my feet and brushed dirt off on my thighs. I didn’t bother to pack because I have nothing good enough for a royal wedding. Mucking about in the dirt? Sure. Fancy pants? Not so much. Evie’s message said there would be clothing waiting for me. But I can’t leave just yet.

You speak Fremmian, he said flatly. Nothing impressed him.

Implant. Sure, it’s the easy way to get along in the universe but it’s damn helpful. Juno was primarily a human colony but humans spoke lots of languages and we had other species too, like the Gyer. It’s a big universe. Not everyone speaks English.

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