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Wild Child: Bound for Hell MC, #1

442 pages8 hours


In 1974 Bound for Hell is a dangerous and ruthless 1 percent Motorcycle Club. Central New Jersey Vice President, Veiko Finn, is one of the most feared bikers of them all. Built like a Viking warrior he is blond haired and all muscle. There is nothing he won't do for his club. He doesn't want an old lady.

Kima is a wild child and as temperamental as the horses she loves to ride. With a hint of the devil in her hazel eyes, this wild child is about to take the ride of her life. She can shoot a gun and will fight like a hellcat for those she loves.

So what happens when a biker warrior and a free spirit with the face of an angel literally collide on a roadside? It sets off an incredible love story that will affect the people around them forever. But their love puts Kima firmly in the sights of a sociopath and she will need to use all her skills to stay alive. Can their love for each other survive? This is their story written by a first time author who does live this lifestyle. This book is the beginning of a MC saga, which is about a club and it's members.

WARNING: This book contains violence, swearing, sexual content, drug use, and is recommended for readers 18 years of age and up. If the above offends you, please do not read this book.

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