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A Second Look

A Second Look

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A Second Look

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Nov 5, 2016


Matt has loved his handsome best friend Zack since they were kids, but, after many years of watching him chase and bed anybody but Matt, he has locked that love away into a small corner of his heart. When Zack invites Matt to go on a trip to Pacific Palms, a luxurious all-gay resort, Matt is constantly reminded that Zack is his friend. Zack is just not into him that way, but it doesn’t matter. Lots of other men are into Matt and his hairy muscular chest.

When Zack realizes how many men are into his old friend, he starts to see him in a new light. Matt is no longer the dorky kid who ate dirt. He’s the man Zack was always meant to be with. Zack tries to make a move. Matt rebuffs him. He doesn’t want to be another one of Zack’s conquests. He wants more.

Zack has to decide if he is ready for more with the man who he never thought of as a lover. Matt needs to trust that Zack’s feelings for him are real.

Nov 5, 2016

Über den Autor

Kendall Morgan started writing gay male erotic romance stories in the early ’90s, but only gay male porn magazines would publish them. She’s so glad things have gotten more respectable and the readership more broad. She is a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage and loves writing interracial romance stories. She loves flipping stereotypes and challenging herself to write characters that are ever further from who she is. She hopes you enjoy her stories. She certainly loved writing them.


A Second Look - Kendall Morgan

A Second Look

Pacific Palms Resort 2


Kendall Morgan

Published by Tulabella Ruby Press/2016

Copyright 2016 Kendall Morgan

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.

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Editor: Cassandra Pierce

Cover design: 3 Rusted Spoons

Table of Contents

A Second Look, Pacific Palms Resort 2

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Coming Back To You/Chapter One

About the Author

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A Second Look

Pacific Palms Resort 2

by Kendall Morgan

Chapter One

Day One—Too Many Men

Never before had Matt been in a place where the setting and number of handsome men made him feel like he was in a big gay amusement park. The staggering tropical beauty of Pacific Palms Resort coupled with the variety of gorgeous men—resort staff and resort guests alike—knocked him on his ass, figuratively speaking.

You must be Mr. Mendes.

The man’s voice flowed like buttery caramel. Matt couldn’t place his accent, although it seemed faintly trans-Atlantic. He turned to see a tall, light-skinned black man with a neat salt-and-pepper beard behind him, smiling. He hoped the man, who wore a crisp khaki-colored linen suit, hadn’t seen his mouth gaping open.

Yes, Mr. St. Eve. Matt shook the man’s hand, recognizing him from a photo he’d seen on the resort’s website. This is a great place you’ve got here.

We hope you have a great week here. Mr. St. Eve beckoned to two men, who quickly moved beside him. This is Ernesto, my assistant. He is my eyes and ears. He can help you with anything you need. And this is Bastian. He’ll take you and Mr. Selby to your bungalow.

Matt looked over to where his oldest friend Zack, Mr. Selby and his companion on this adventure, was standing. Zack hadn’t wasted any time since they got picked up at the Morrell Island air strip. He had flirted nonstop with practically every guy who had crossed their paths. He hadn’t gotten laid yet, although Matt figured it wouldn’t be long. Matt also figured it might be a bit difficult to get Zack away from the gaggle of guys he was chatting with in the lobby of the resort’s main hotel.

Matt always admired the easy way Zack had about him. He was the sort of man people seemed to gravitate to naturally and never seemed to suffer any of the varying degrees of shyness and awkwardness that were the bane of Matt’s life. Zack had gotten his blond hair cut short before coming on this trip, but that didn’t stop him from running his left hand flirtatiously across his head as though his hair still fell just below his ears.

Matt whistled. Hey, Zack!

Zack looked around, saw Matt and grinned. Come on over, Matty! he yelled. Some guys here I want you to meet.

Matt excused himself from Mr. St. Eve and strolled over to the group. Zack clapped his hand on Matt’s shoulder and introduced him to the group as his plus one. Matt doubted he’d remember all their names. They probably wouldn’t remember his name either, although there was one guy named Rayvon with a sleek muscular build who caught his eye.

So you’re the lucky son of a bitch who’s getting a free trip and staying in one of the fancy bungalows without even entering the raffle! Rayvon boomed. He had a deep voice that Matt felt reverberate through his body.

Yeah. Turns out it’s good to be friends with a guy who enters every raffle he can. Matt had always had a thing for his old friend Zack that he generally tried to ignore. They were friends, nothing more, but this new guy Rayvon could easily compete with Zack for the Hottest Guy in the Pacific Islands title, if there were such a thing.

Matt heard someone clear his throat behind him. He turned and saw Bastian. He was a slender guy with a shy look about him. He was almost angelic with pale blond hair and impossibly deep blue eyes.

Are you ready to go to your bungalow, sir? Bastian asked. His tone hit a delicate balance between a desire to get them into their cabin but not unduly interrupt whatever vacation fun was getting started.

"Yeah, I’m ready anyway. Hey, Zack. Let’s go get settled in the bungalow. Then we can do some more hanging out."

Bastian waited while Zack made some half-hearted attempts to end the conversation. Matt was finally able to pull Zack away after Rayvon promised to meet up later at the beachside bar. Matt and Zack followed Bastian out of the resort hotel’s lobby and into the sunshine. The hotel sat at the end of a path that wended its way down to the beach on a gentle slope. Matt and Zack got into a golf cart, and Bastian took the wheel. As Bastian drove, Matt took in the sight of yet more men. Most of them were shirtless. Many of them wore only the tiniest of bikini briefs. Matt felt like he could get drunk on the sight of so many beautiful men. Some of them weren’t even what you’d call fabulous, like the ones with gym-toned bodies and youthful good looks. Some were older with grey hair. Others had soft bellies, but Matt found them gorgeous, too. Maybe there’s something about this place, he thought. But he wasn’t given much time to think.

Matt felt a jolt as the golf cart, which had thick, heavy wheels, made its way onto the beach. The fine white sand almost sparkled in the sunlight. When they got to the pier, they got out of the vehicle and walked to the overwater bungalow that Matt would share with Zack for the week.

They walked in, and Matt, who had always had an affinity for water, thought it was heavenly. Part of the floor in the sitting room was comprised largely of glass, giving a clear view of the calm turquoise waters below. Small fish darted in and out of his view.

While Matt was gazing at the water, he heard Bastian telling Zack about other features of the bungalow. He could tell by the tone of Zack’s voice that he had turned on the charm again. He wasn’t surprised. Bastian was the sort of guy Zack always viewed as a special prize. The resort had rules about staff fraternizing with guests,

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