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Feather Falls

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From the heart of Northern California comes four original stories as colorful as the region itself. A San Francisco foodie couple face a crossroads after an outing to the coast upends their predictable world. A teenage boy from the Sierra Nevada foothills copes with a demagogue father who starts a militia while pandering to fears of outsiders. A successful winemaker tries to mold her spoiled, disobedient children on their visit home from an East Coast prep school. Lastly, in a departure from the human world, an elite group of words attempt to 'un-define' during their annual candlelit ball.

Feather Falls is a laugh-out-loud journey through a far flung California, a place where the unseemly and oddball carry the home field advantage. Readers will find Hartje's voice charming, mischievous, and entirely at home in these outlandish realms of the Golden State. Also included in the download is an excerpt from Pipeliner, Hartje's coming of age novel set in an early 90s, Idaho desert town.

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