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A Biker Saga: The Novel

761 pages12 hours


Surviving off the grid, the club known as the GGS has spent several peaceful decades building themselves a safe- haven. The accidental death of their beloved founder, affectionately known as 'Slider', throws the family into the epicenter of a vicious war they want no part of. Slider's strong-willed daughter Stax, along with her complicated lover, are forced to set aside their grief and take control.
As the world looks on, battle weary outlaws join forces with the GGS relying on Slider's foresight to see them through. 
In a fortress under lock-down, bikers work together to save tortured hostages, themselves and the fate of the free world.
(Adult Situations, Explicit language, Otherworldly Possibilities)

NOTE: 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' is the abridged edition of the series, 'A Biker Saga'.

Author Pamela Murdaugh-Smith, inspired by life experience in the biker community, is the author of this fantasy thriller filled with epic characters who will draw you into a fantastic world of magical realism.


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