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A Big Beautiful Bride for a Storekeeper (Mail Order Bride): Three Big Beautiful Mail Order Brides from Tennessee Head West, #2

64 pages45 minutes


A Big Beautiful Bride for a Storekeeper: A Clean Western Historical Romance

It is 1874, and big beautiful Victoria has decided to become a Mail Order Bride.

Victoria Thompson was tired of being alone. There were no men in St. Charles Arkansas looking for a wife and she desperately wanted a husband. Her older sister Amanda had found love with her husband Charles by responding to an ad for a mail order bride. One day she found an ad for a mail order bride to come to Denver. The ad stated she must be able to cook and entertain. Victoria responded saying she can cook and sing. Mr. Black responds and asks her to come to Denver. Once she arrives her simple ways are not what her husband and his friends are used to.

Victoria longs for this to be a loving marriage but Mr. Black just wants peace and quiet.

One day, a disaster befalls Victoria and Mr. Black realizes what a gem of a wife he has. Is it too late for him to woo his bride? Has her good nature and trusting ways been tried too many times by his bullying manner? Will they find a way to have happiness or will tragedy break them apart?

***Leah White writes clean Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance books***

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