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A Big Beautiful Bride for a Doctor (Mail Order Bride): Three Big Beautiful Mail Order Brides from Tennessee Head West, #1

63 pages42 minutes


A Big Beautiful Bride for a Doctor: A Clean Western Historical Romance

It is 1872, and big beautiful Amanda has decided to become a Mail Order Bride.

Amanda Thompson wanted more from life than being the oldest of 10. She wanted a husband and family. She decided to answer an ad for a mail-order bride in Fort Scott Kansas. Dr. Charles Wilson is impressed with her letter and asks her to be his wife. Charles is the only doctor for a large sector of Kansas and is gone all week and home on weekends. One of his many stops is Cherryvale where he stays at the inn owned by the Bender family. Recently, there have been men disappearing from the area. Amanda has a bad feeling about the Bender’s and begs Charles not to stay with them again. He feels he is safe with them and sets out as usual for his weekly rounds. But as he continues to travel he places himself and Amanda in danger.

Has Charles fallen prey to foul play, leaving Amanda alone in the Kansas territory?

Will Dr. Wilson's dangerous rounds prove to be deadly? Will Amanda marry Dr. Wilson only to be a young widow instead of a young bride?

***Leah White writes clean Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance books***

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