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A Devil in Winter

A Devil in Winter

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A Devil in Winter

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Jan 30, 2017


Although his heart belongs in the Lone Star State, Kevin Devlin Winter has followed his job to upstate New York - and found love...a love he loses for being too slow to take the woman of his dreams to the altar. Pam Montgomery has found another and Kevin becomes obsessed with showing her the mistake she's making.

Anna catches Kevin spying on her slightly older sister and when Kevin kidnaps Anna to keep her quiet, she plays along because she feels sorry for him. At least, that's the lie she tells herself.

Because telling the truth would be far too embarrassing.

Jan 30, 2017

Über den Autor

Diana Hunter became interested in writing stories with bondage and D/s themes when she found a dearth of them on the web. Nothing she read seemed to have the romantic element she knew was possible in such relationships. Challenged by a friend to write a better one, she wrote her first full-length novel, Secret Submission. Each book Diana writes contains a kernel of truth or deeply held conviction from her own life, but don’t ask her where truth ends and fantasy begins...she’ll never tell! When not writing, Diana is usually at her loom, weaving thread lines of a different sort. Married for over thirty years to the same man, she is grateful for all the wonderful encouragement he gives her.

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A Devil in Winter - Diana Hunter

Devil in Winter


Diana Hunter

Copyright 2006, 2016 Diana Hunter

All rights reserved

NOTE: This work was previously published in the Winter Studs anthology. That anthology included companion stories by Ruth Kerce (One Naughty Winter Night) and Ruby Storm (Winter's Rose). It is also available in Diana's Winter Tales bundle.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Smashwords store and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Chapter One

Ow, Kevie, that hurt!

Kevin Winter frowned at the half-naked woman in his arms, his plans for a long evening of making love to a beautiful woman unraveling faster than sledding plans in a mid-winter thaw. Pushing the silk blouse further off her shoulder, Kevin tentatively wrapped his lips around her nipple again and pulled on it as gently as he could. A slap on the head and another squeal told him all he needed to know. This evening was going nowhere. If she couldn’t take a little pull on the nipples, then tying her up and fucking her silly was never going to happen. Stifling a sigh, Kevin Devlin Winter sat up on the couch and ran his fingers through his sandy brown hair.

Sorry, Mandy. You have really sensitive nipples, I guess. Just like your super-sensitive skin.

Although Kevin had lived in upstate New York for the past seven years, when he was irritated, his Texas twang tended to become more pronounced. At the moment, it sounded as if he’d never left the Lone Star State.

Mandy pouted and Kevin frowned again. What was it he had thought cute about that lower lip?

You’re just so rough, my little Texas cowboy. You need to be more tender-like. Coquettishly, she ran her fingers up his arm and twirled them in the curls of his sandy brown hair.

Kevin shook his head. Mandy, I can’t touch you. I run my hand along your side and you tell me you’re ticklish. My tongue so much as touches your nipple and you go through the roof. I don’t know how to be more ‘tender-like.’

He didn’t mean to mock her, but his voice took on her air-headed mannerisms. Mandy, however, was too busy pouting to notice the unintended slight. Kevie, dearest…I can teach you.

Maybe later, Mandy. The mood’s gone now. Gesturing down to the open fly of his pants, he showed her the proof that he was no longer interested. Mandy reached for his cock, her long nails scratching against his thigh. Kevin had enough. Standing abruptly, he zipped his jeans and settled himself before turning to her.

Mandy, you’re a beautiful woman and I’m sure you’ll make some guy very happy. But right now, that guy isn’t me.

Oh, but Kevie, we were having such a good time!

"Ke-vin. My name has a consonant at the end of it. I’m sorry, Mandy. But you deserve someone…more tender-like."

Turning on his heel, Kevin grabbed his coat and hurried out of the brownstone apartment building. Once on the street, he stopped and slid his arms into his worn leather bomber jacket, tucking his hands in the pockets to keep them warm in the early winter chill before heading down the sidewalk, his lonely figure moving from pool to pool of light along the dark city street.

Mandy had caught his eye when she came to deliver mail to his office. Bright and perky and not too smart. Just what he needed. A woman perfect for a fling that would help him forget Pam Montgomery, the only woman he had actually entertained thoughts of marrying. But Pam had found someone else before he got around to asking her to marry him. Kevin had seen his former girlfriend and her new beau making eyes at each other over prime rib yesterday at Eddie’s Chophouse, and it rankled to see how happy she was.

Mandy had been his solution. A quick office fling to drown his sorrows and show everyone he still had what it took. An empty beer can sat in the middle of the sidewalk and Kevin kicked it, listening to its empty roll along the pavement. It was as hollow as he felt.

Quit that racket down there!

A voice from a second-story window shouted down. Kevin bit back the retort that sprang too fast to his mouth. His snappy replies usually got him in trouble. Instead, he bent down and retrieved the now-dented beer can, dropped it in the trashcan at the corner and headed for home.

The number blinking on his answering machine told him Kevin only had one new message. He toyed with the idea of not retrieving it till morning, but then decided he’d better listen to it. Might be something important. Probably wasn’t, but it might be.

It wasn’t.

Hey, little bro. Give me a call when you get home from wherever it is you are right now. I got news for you.

Kevin checked the clock. Only ten o’clock. The date had been even more disastrous than he thought. He picked up the phone and dialed his brother’s number. It only rang once before his brother’s voice answered.


Kyle? Me. Returning your call.

Good. Was afraid you’d have some hot date and wouldn’t call till tomorrow.

Kevin’s older brother had lost none of its native music, but he could tell right away that something was wrong. There was a somber note in his tone that was unusual for his upbeat older brother.

Well, the hot date turned out to be too ticklish for my tastes. She’ll have to remain the mail girl for me.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Kyle’s voice took on a patronizing sound Kevin knew well. Don’t you know the old saying? ‘Don’t get laid where you get paid.’ Office affairs are never a good idea.

Kevin grinned. Yeah, you should know…seems to me you’ve had your share.

Voice of experience, boy. Voice of experience. Kyle’s voice dropped the banter. Listen. This isn’t really a social call.

Kevin mirrored his brother’s seriousness. I didn’t really think it was. What’s up?

It’s about you coming home for Christmas.

I know…I haven’t bought my plane ticket yet. I will. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

That’s just it. Kyle’s voice stopped him. You don’t need to come back to Texas for Christmas this year.

Kevin’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. He shook his head to clear out his eardrums. What? Whadda ya mean, don’t come home for Christmas?

Kyle’s long sigh traveled hundreds of miles in the dark of the night. There’s no point. Mom and Dad have decided they want a second honeymoon. So they’ve booked a cruise and turned us loose for the holiday.

Why would they do that? Kevin’s numbed mind still wouldn’t work.

It is their fortieth. Whether we want to admit it or not, they’re allowed to go on another honeymoon if they want to.

I know. But why do they have to go on a second honeymoon at Christmas?

"Well, their anniversary is the 26th."

Kyle’s news was the second disappointment of the night and Kevin wasn’t in the mood.

I know when they were married, Big Brother. He smirked as he imagined his brother’s gritted teeth on the other end. Kevin knew he hated that nickname, but he wasn’t in the mood to be polite. "I also know that cruises leave ports

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