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Growing Older On a Treadmill: Confessions of Nerdom, Beliefs, and Stagnation

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Greg Belle believes that the ultimate purpose of life is to live, learn, love, work, and above all, teach. With that purpose in mind, Greg combines personal experiences with satirical commentary on the social and political issues that surround us in America and across the globe in an attempt to better the world, one reflection at a time.

Greg, who one day hopes he can jump off his own treadmill and step outside his comfort zone, believes we are designed not to inflict pain, but instead to help each other and, in the process, preserve humanity. While offering his take on a wide range of topics, Greg provides a poignant glimpse into his own challenging journey through life with the intent of helping anyone who might be “stuck” and uncertain of which way to head next.

Growing Older on a Treadmill shares reflections and anecdotes that encourage others to live, learn, love, work and teach, no matter what their obstacles.

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