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Simon Says


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Simon Says

Länge: 370 Seiten5 Stunden


Louise Everleigh, legal secretary to Adrian Mountgarret, a leading Criminal Defence Barrister, is found brutally murdered and her body dumped in his front garden.

For Detective Inspector Jonny Jackson and his team, this is an apparently motiveless crime. The absence of tangible clues to the identity of the perpetrator as well as any credible suspects causes considerable concern to Jonny who fears for his future on the Force.

Simon is the cause and the motivator behind this crime. Simon does not commit the crime personally, but merely manipulates others to do so. Simon cares nothing for those who are hurt in the process. For Simon this is just a game.

A second murder throws the investigation into chaos and the game escalates.

Jonny and his team struggle to make sense of the conflicting evidence that seemingly leads to a dead end, until..................

The reader is challenged throughout to identify Simon, but the secret will only be revealed in the final book of the trilogy.

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