Green: The Colour That Brings Hope


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Green: The Colour That Brings Hope

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The second book in The Colour Series.
First Edition, February 2017.

Alex suffered dreadfully at the hands of her persecutor. She is left with mental and physical scars with no choice but to face the trauma, and her past, and try to move on. Whilst she is now finally alone and free of her 'shadow', she is also frightened more than ever – facing an uncertain future, with her sanity in the balance.

Seph's own ghosts have also returned to haunt him. He faces impending responsibilities of his own, and he has to come to terms with his own errant behaviour and patterns he has formed since childhood.

Friends and family rally to help, and Seph's father, James, refuses to give up on Alex. Through these ties and relationships, new bonds are discovered, and old ones renewed, revealing their true value.

Alex begins the painful task of putting her life back together again. This time, the way she wants; on her terms

Secrets and deceit are behind her, her past something she has to let go of, but it seems Seph is the one to struggle most with adapting to change.

Alex has to accept she has problems; she has resulting mental health issues from her trauma. She has to learn to deal with life and keep it all in balance, in the ways she has been shown. She needs to believe in herself, and allow hope – and love – into her life again.

Because hope is the key. Hope for the future and for peace of mind. And for both to find peace in themselves.

Green is the colour that brings hope.

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